Armor not unlocked...

So I was taking a break from the Xbox for awhile but now I just recently beat the Halo 4 Campaign on Legendary To Get Not only The Achievements But Also Master chiefs armor. but when I completed it, it gave me the 2 achievements but the armor was not unlocked… Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know how to fix my dilema?

Even though you have the achievment, make sure when you hover over the missions to select in the campaign menu, it says the highest difficulty completed is Legendary for each mission.

Same problem with me I finished all the mission s and it said that I finished them all on legendarybut I did not get my Master Chief armor or tag does anyone know how to fix this problem

Ok so I figured out what was wrong, all the missions had been completed on legendary but that’s not what gives you the armor. What gives you the armor is the commendations. Essentially you have to complete all the levels while connected to xbo x live. So check your commendations and see which levels you have and have not beaten while connected and complete those levels you didn’t get the commendations for again while online.