Armor Not Showing Up Correctly

No matter what computer I log onto, my armor will not show up correctly on the website. It just sets me up in the red recruit armor.

Anyone else having this trouble/know how to fix it?

Having the same problem. It only shows me in the Recruit armor.

Same thing here mate. We have a topic on this at this address :

I am currently trying to troubleshoot the problem… Do you use a USB flash drive or a hard drive ? I don’t think that it’s the cause of the problem because the armor of my brother appears just fine, but a significant amount of people that aknowleged the issue on this forum and on other forum have a USB flash drive to save their content on their xbox. So in theory when you use a USB flash drive your armor doesnt show up on the waypoint app on the console or the Halo 4 stats page. Hard drive users dont seem to have this problem I just find it ridiculus that my brother that use the SAME setup doesnt have any problem.

I just erased all the content of my USB flash drive and started from fresh but for right now nothing has changed. I will try tomorrow but I think that the problem are from the servers of the waypoint not being able to take the stats or the armor of certain people I hope that 343 knows that it’s an issue and I hope that they are working on it.

Thank you and I hope that you will respond to me !

After erasing everything on the flash drive theres absolutely nothing to do it doesn’t wan’t to show up on the waypoint. Also on my brothers account it doesn’t show up anymore so im pretty sure that the fix for this problem for right now is to get a hard drive. I hope that 343 will do an update to make it work beacause I really dont want to buy a hard drive just to have my character on the waypoint, in reach I had no problem whatsoever with having my armor on the console app or the stats page from bungie and from them.

Briefly to fix this problem you will need to use an actual hard drive. So no USB flash drives if you want to update your armor on the waypoint.

i just installed the second disk in a usb and i think the problem comes from having downloaded wargames on my xbox before installling the rest (spartan ops) on the usb. idk man i hope it gets fixed.

When you install the wargames DVD it automatically install the spartan ops so the problem
comes from using a USB flash drive actually to save every halo content.