Armor Mods not working after spawning in a vehicle

There has been this glitch that has been bugging me a lot in warzone.
Basically, let’s say you have an armor mod, then you spawn in a vehicle, then you die. When you spawn back in after you died in the vehicle, your armor mod will stop working. For example, let’s say you have the splinter grenade mod, which means you spawn in with a splinter grenade. The life after you died in your vehicle, it will say your armor mod is still activated but it isn’t, which means it will say you have the splinter grenade mod but you don’t get the grenade. This has been applying to all the armor mods. The only way to fix this in game is to unselect the armor mod then reselect it.
This is a very annoying bug that has gotten me killed lot’s of times since I think I have an armor mod then I realize, oh yeah it’s bugged. This needs to be fixed.