armor mods don't work on darkatar

Every time I’ve played darkstar armor mod reqs flat out don’t work. I still show normally o nthe radar using sensors, reflexes doesn’t decrease reload time etc
Anyone else?

My upgraded shields have been working fine on that map. Sorry to hear that yours haven’t been working.

Hey I’m having the same problem! The only one that works is Advanced radar nothing else and they work only when I restart my xbox but after that they stop working! This happens on all maps for me though!

Ah, I thought it was just the grenade mods (grenade mods aren’t working on any map now) the advanced sensors is up for debate though…it certainly still shows radar when aiming down sights and it has increased range still (debate on this one) but yeah this needs fixed NOW! I’ve never been a complainer but this needs addressed asap and fixed just as quick…


They work on Darkstar tho.

Hey folks, this is currently being tracked in this topic by the Forum Team. See the post by A Rock Launcher for a temporary work around :slight_smile: