Armor lock unlocking

Why does a well place grenade cut my armor lock short even though I hold the button down?

Was this like this in the legacy reach game?

I don’t remember anything being able to unlock armor lock, that’s why it’s called armor lock!

As of the title update (TU), it will deplete quicker if you keep getting attacked. MCC uses TU settings. So in your case, the grenade thrown at you helped cause that to happen.

Also if you are stuck and armor lock, the sticky will instantly kill you. Before the Title Update you would be able to shave the plasma.

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Best thing about it in my opinion.

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Man! That’s why I loved armor lock! It was the best!

But I guess they dumbed it down because it was so OP :crazy_face:

Thank you guys for confirming this. It bothered me every time I noticed this happening in matchmaking :ok_hand:

Oh so basically it’s a bug then… because honestly, this has annoyed me a lot.
And it’s caused a friend of mine who’s new to the series to question if it’s always been this way, which I told him it’s not.
There’s also some things I’ve noticed with AI and some levels in campaign where they either act differently to their original counterparts, or get stuck somewhere.
A prominent one is the Jetpack brutes in Crows Nest… there’s always 1 that gets stuck somewhere now.

Not a bug. It’s how it works with TU settings.

Yes… that’s called a bug…

Something that is programed to act as intended is a bug?