Armor Lock should be Overshield

I think in Halo 4 if they are going to keep an ability similar to armor lock it should be a temporary overshied:

  • Whatever your health, it would add 1 full shield to your health for x amount of time, but you would still be stationary and couldn’t fire back.

Master Chief shouldn’t even be strong enough to take 2 direct hits from a wraith. He SHOULD however be be given a chance survive till his friends come.

And if they don’t come then it would’nt matter if he had friends, because he’f be dead.

Uhh what? I never heard anything about Armor Lock information, sorry.

Something like overshields NEED to stay as a power-up. Having it like an AA would be horrible, worse than the drop shield. Enemy knocks out you shield? Slam a button and get double your shields back!

uhh… no


I think Frankie already confirmed no armor lock.
I think.
Someone posted it here somewhere, you just have to dig for it.

Besides, overshield should just remain a pickup anyway.

Going to go ahead and say no to this idea. No sir I do not agree, good day…

What would be nice if CAMO wasn’t totally useless. As it is unless you crawl or walk on your stomach you can’t really put the camo to much use without being seen. IMO the only 2 power ups in matchmaking should be the temp overshield that drains as you play, and the camo. I’d be fine if the camo was totally invis even when I run BUT make me visable if I take a hit, whether it be from grenade or bullet or friendly fire. I remember one time in CE my teammate picked up the camo and I thought it was the enemy so I meleed him twice, friendly fire was not on. The camo disappeared after the 2 hits. He was pissed but it worked fine.

Although I only have Reach I understand power ups. I like the idea of armor abilities better but they need limits like long recharge times or something to encourage less frivolous and frequent use. Even in the campaign. And I do think Sprint should be standard feature of powered armor.

I can’t even make good use of Armor Lock, I just can’t time it right to save my life, pun intended, so I just don’t use it. I’m much better at just dodging. But if Armor Lock was toned down or something to where it just increased survivability, not invincibility, for a short time. I don’t hate it now, and it has it’s uses for me, but I more often than not just pass it over because I’m not good with it.

Armor lock is not in Halo 4

Overshield should be only be a pick-up.

OP, its good and all, but standing still and not firing is absolutely no no. Thats what destroys flow and gameplay and is half the reason Armor Lock sucked.