Armor Lock Glitch/Exploit. Needs fixing in the TU!

This rendered film contains a glitch/exploit of the Armor Lock armor ability.[](

Okay, before you rag on me, hear me out.

Armor Lock in the Beta had the effect of stripping the shields of anyone who melee’d you. That feature was removed because it was deemed by Bungie to be far too powerful in CQC. You would simply get within melee range (as this player does), lock up as the other person melee’d (as this player does), pop out of lock when the shields were down (the player in the video uses the EMP effect, but the same result is gained), and melee the person for an instant beatdown kill (as this player does…multiple times).

The only difference between the Beta and this is that the person using Armor Lock must time his release to use the tiny EMP effect to strip the other player of their shields. As clearly demonstrated in the video, this technique is still possible, it just requires a good connection and good timing. There is no disputing that this technique exists, the player uses it consistently in the above rendered film.

I believe this to be an exploit, if not an outright glitch in the game, and would like it known for Reach’s title update, assuming there is one coming from 343 Industries.

Thank you for reading.

If you melee someone in AL, you loose your shields. Range doesn’t matter. If you melee a locked down enemy, you loose your shields.

All I saw was people meleeing as a twitch response against someone who was equipped with AL. And they fell in line, one at a time, ready to die. The first 2 people, sure it’s a surprise. But no one clued in to not melee the guy as a first response in CQC.

I saw no cheating, exploiting nor cheapness.

Glad to see the ALer die of their own grenade too.

A glitch/exploit is defined as a programming error. AL did exactly what it was meant to do there, EMP upon release, there was no glitching involved. It was the other players’ lack of forethought as to melee the person in AL.

Oh, and for your information, if you melee’d a guy in AL in the beta, it didn’t strip your shields. The difference between AL then and AL now is that now, you have to stay locked for a certain amount of time in order to produce the EMP, and there’s a stun lock (no shield loss) for people who melee you while in AL.

Last time I melee attacked someone in armor lock I lost my shields … Are you sure they removed that feature? Also the armor lock EMP is intended so it’s exploitable by armor lock practitioners.

> Last time I melee attacked someone in armor lock I lost my shields … Are you sure they removed that feature? Also the armor lock EMP is intended so it’s exploitable by armor lock practitioners.

I’m pretty sure that that feature was never in existence, all they did was add a stunlock for the final game.
The armor lock EMP is INTENDED, so using it to kill enemies can’t be considered EXPLOITING.

AL is not glitched, it’s overpowered. Still needs fixing though.

I don’t really think Armor Lock has any issues other than I can’t get it work when I want it to.

The simplest solution is to not melee someone in Armor Lock. Some of those people have terrible reaction times. If someone uses this tactic, hit them from a greater distance and stop rushing that spot.

The beta had it to where, if you hit them, you lost all shields in one hit, I believe.
In the normal game, your shields DO weaken, but you don’t lose them all in one hit.

In both, the EMP effect do the same thing. Take out their shields if they are close enough. Single Beatdown ftw.

Yes, Armor Lock seems a bit cheap, because you have a panic button. And it can be exploited. But, it’s how the game works. If you disagree with what they did, too bad. They made the game. Complain for them to take it out on the Bungie Forums. Just wait for the guy to get out of Armor Lock. Toss a Nade. Done.

I’m not saying ‘adapt’. I would be called a troll for that. And yes, it can be exploited to be used to the best of it’s ability. But they can only do it so many times before it needs to recharge. But, it’s part of the game, whether we like it or not. Each time they use it, and the short emp works? That takes out a third of their charge. Essentially, yes. 3 people before you run out. But still… No worse than the Evade deal. -Assassinate, evade behind, Assassinate, evade behind, assassinate…- You know…

If you hit an AL in the beta you got instant EMP but I dont remember if they charge a fully AL they get a EMP zone
If you hit an AL in the final version your shields just go down a fraction and get pushed away, now the AL get a EMP zone with at least 1 sec or less of charge and that’s the trick. They charge AL a little before you meele them then release the carge if they fail the time charge at least the enemy lost part of the shield and pushed away if they do perfectly they get a instant EMP charge (and push away the enemy) and a free meele attack

I use AL a lot for support purposes, against grenades spam, Ghosts and against powers weapons like Swords,Rockets and Shotguns

I dont get Kills but letting my teammates dont be raped by grenades and camping its worth it