Armor kits, customization, color overlay, xp progression system and more

343 I feel like your using the F2P as an excuse to make more monetization and being lazy with armors and guns. I’m probably asking a lot and I know this is long but please read if u can but the most important ones are the XP progression system and the armor customization.
Now I like that you changed the xp progression a little bit and the gameplay is really fun but I should get xp depending on my performance like the medals. I should be able get at least 20 xp or something better for the medals along with the daily challenge because just doing a daily 50 xp and weekly challenges are not enough. What is point on getting points for a match if they don’t level you up at all. At least make the daily challenge like 150 xp or 200 because when I’m done with the weekly xp there’s really nothing else I can do but a slow grind with the 50 xp alone.
I understand we have a long way before we get to season two but I don’t think it should be that slow. The reason why I love halo was because there wasn’t any battle pass for me to pay $10 to get armor and other things that I already have. To pay a armor that cost $20 in the shop is ridiculous. It was when I get in the game I have fun, level up and get new armor just from playing the game and not feel like I have to buy a tier in the battle pass in order to get what I want. I want to be able to change colors into whatever I want.
I want to make it feel like my own Spartan but in halo infinite I can’t because I have to pay money to get a red color on my spartan and I feel that’s really ridiculous. I hated halo five but at least I was able to level up and unlock armor even when you monetization some armors In the game. At least I can make my spartan into whatever I want without having to pay to make him look cooler. And I’m afraid that when the full game is out it would just be like what we have currently in the beta and nothing new.
I don’t understand the armor cores because you have the armor parts that u can use on your mark vII But can’t put anything on your mark v and only the reach armor. I thought it was going to be like a preset so I can make different Spartans without having to recustomize my character. I want to be able to mix and Match my armor with no limits and the same with the colors just like in halo reach in a way.
I like the overlay idea but I want to be able to change the colors whatever I want. I want to feel like I’m different then other Spartans because I don’t feel like that now. I understand it’s only a beta right now but 343 you had all this time to make a really good Halo game. All I’m asking is for you guys to just work on it and listen to us. We want halo to be good too just here us out and hopefully in the future maybe people will would be able to have fun because if theres nothing still and keep making it worse like for example making some of the forge buildings costing real money in the store to use on forge I really hope u don’t go that far.
Please 343 don’t be like Ubisoft or ea I’m begging you please as a halo fan. We just want halo to be good again, your so close. And I know I’m probably not the only one who think like this too just look on twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I’m happy with the campaign I think it’s going to be great and it will be better once co op is finally in. It’s just the multiplayer is what I’m worried about. Oh and p.s buff the commando it sucks and bring back the brute shot.