Armor "Kits" Are... Weird

I have noticed that when purchasing an Esport skin, you are purchasing a “Kit” which is not the same as a “Bundle” in which you cannot use the pieces in the “Kit” to your own free will. Kits will act as premade armor customization templates, which is really bitter-sweet… A large number of players are coming back to Halo from Halo 2 and Halo 3 original player base who also loved the customization of Halo 3 and Reach. We are given a number of armor pieces and bundles but also at a microtransaction cost.

I’ve purchased an Esport Kit for $10~ and really wanted to apply the colorway and use some of the armor pieces I currently have! – But you cant. Once you change a piece of armor and put on something that is not in that same Kit, it will remove the colorway, the armor pieces and all accessories. It’s an all-or-nothing game with Armor Kits…

It would behoove the developers to look into the concept of Armor Kits not giving the ability to choose your favorite pieces and Armor Cores which additionally limit the intertwining of armor pieces


So you say that in case of the Armor Kits, you can’t mix and match its content with your base armor core? Like, one of them has a helmet which is in the Battle Pass as well. You can’t use the Armor Kit’s helmet separately, only with the full kit? Does this apply to the visors and the coatings (colours) as well? You can’t use any piece separately?

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This applies to all aspects of your spartan specifically.
You cannot change the visor, shoulder piece, chest, helmet – nothing or else the armor kit will unequip.

I completely agree. Bought a 10 buck skin “kit” only to find out you can’t change a single equipped part or you un-equip the whole thing! You can’t even add things that aren’t being used in the kit like wrists. The skins aren’t all that special in the first place. They NEED to allow getting each part of a kit and mixing it with others. Considering the lack of color options I think the color pallet should be applied to all armor cores as well, not just one core.

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This is correct. Pretty lame