Armor in this game is dumb and useless

Now the armor in this halo game frustates me more than armor in any other halo game.

  • For one they all look the same and theres minor differences between them - There is only about 4-6 armors and helmets that standout. - Unlocking them is stupid but thats more due to the req system - They all have names that casual halo lore people like me dnt care for or understand. - When you are trying to unlock a weapon or armor mod for warzone you end up unlocking this stupid piece of helmet and armor that you are never going to where or even know you have. - There is rare or so armor but it does not look so rare. - 343 is not slick at all theres so much armor and helmets in this game with more coming but they all look the SAME and are remixes of other helmets and armor!!! Like really 343 WTF - The big one- now every forum has this and i believe its a major problem with halo 5 is that “YOU CNT CUSTOMIZE YOUR ARMOR” let alone see others’ armor pre game.

I am pretty steamed myself but just chill your jets. rant posts don’t go down too well. I get where your coming from though.
A lot of people kind of hate on me because they think I am some kind of bungie fanboy. I am just passionate about customization in gaming.
and don’t forget the fact we can’t see our emblems on our guys anymore.

Maybe you should check your grammar before you rant.