Armor in Halo 4!!

This is my thoughts on the armor in Halo 4…

It was really cool how they went in depth with adding more armor in Halo 4 shows a lot more customization that Halo 3 and Reach had combined. It also shows a lot more unique Spartans for example…

In Halo 3 I saw almost 70% of people with the same armor

In Halo Reach I saw roughly 40-50% of people with the same armor

Now in Halo 4 I see nobody with the same armory literally no joke about that. I am quite happy because it makes the person that killed you the most a lot easier to locate and smash is head.

Pretty much what i’m trying to say is armor and uniqueness really shined in Halo 4 and I also like how it reflects in Matchmaking and Spartan Ops.

Yeah it’s pretty sweet. I like how they got rid of helmet attachments, they were pretty stupid.

Still, I miss the H3 era Marathon helmet.

The Operator one will have to do.

Ah the marathon helmet brings back memories =)

They are okay I guess.
Not enough of them look like normal helmets…Pioneer -_-
Halo 5 needs a guy to say “Hey, Halo 5 helmets need more of ‘awesome’ added to them.”
And he/she gets a big fat check. Brilliant!

I seem to like the starting helmet the best.

Would be sick to see a guyver bio boosted armor looking one. lol just saying.

I actually preferred both the armor models themselves and the ability to modify helmets with different attachments in Reach. Granted I haven’t unlocked a lot of the armor in Halo 4 yet, but from what I’ve been able to see thus far, I don’t really like any of the armor models they produced.

I preferred Reach’s model of “Form and function” instead of H4’s “More form, less function” style.

Reach had better armor by far. Where the hell are the full face visors? Half of the helmets just look like scrap metal…and most of the shoulder mods look exactly the same. I want those BIG armor pieces. I like to look like a tank sometimes. And how come most of the skins appear to be stripey or tribal?

> I seem to like the starting helmet the best.

Recruit? Agreed.

The recruit one was kool as well as the master chief one. I really am a big fan of the wetworks one that is my favorite and also operator is pretty kool as well as the gears of war one and unicorn. So far those are the ones that I have seen that I like. But yea your are pretty much picky when it comes to choosing the armors oh and the warrior one is nice also.

I really like the recruit helmet, I just wish it wasn’t the default :stuck_out_tongue: I wish it was more prestigious. Oh well, still cool :slight_smile: Actually really enjoying HAZOP right now.

Recruit helmet is great. Closest thing in this game to the ODST helm, which is still my all time favorite.

For H4 I really like the Locus and Infiltrator Helms. Neither of which have visors.