Armor flame effects

I know we only have 3 armor effects at the moment, but holy hell does the fire effect look terrible. The flame visuals look so bad on the helmet and on the shoulders/arms, i hope they get a little rework sometime soon. The flame on the oddball look pretty bad aswell.


I also agree Aicrous. The flaming helmet and shoulders do not look good at all. Especially for a 95+ tier reward and how slow it is to progress through the season pass. These armor effects do not come close to halo 3’s flaming helmet, halo reaches flaming helmets and halo 4’s flaming helmets in MCC. The flaming helmet in infinite look pathetic compared to the other armor effects we know and love. Most of the flame is coming out of the Spartans neck and not even the whole head. like other halo armor effects. I saw someone already with the flaming helmet and it is a terrible tier 97 reward for the quality of the flaming helmet itself. Do not get me wrong, I am super happy that armor effects are back but you need to do them right for your die hard halo community.

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I haven’t actually seen them in a game yet. Maybe they look better in play than they do with your Spartan standing motionless on a podium.

But I am sure they can be refined. I think part of the problem is the positioning of the effect. It almost looks to be coming from slightly behind many helmets than within them, and the flames are way to low. Centering the effect more in the head and raising the flames so that they appear higher above the helmet might help improve the existing effect. I think the colour is a tad too dark. Yellower flames might look nicer and more eye-catching.


I was going to created a new thread about the armor effects, but like a good man that I am, I searched and found this one. Even though it probably won’t get much attention after this post, I figured I’d put in my two cents.

In my opinion, the armor effects look absolutely cheap! There isn’t any “personality” to the effect. It looks static with restricted movement. So many other games, nowadays, excel at fire effects. The effects, with the capability of today’s engine, should flow and dance around. They should move opposite as the player sprints. Currently, HI armor effects seem trapped in a glass window and don’t enhance the appearance. The only “positive” for one to wear the current BP effect, is to prove they’ve either climbed the ladder to earn it or payed for it. I feel that a lot of the bigger picture was focused on, in regards to graphics, but the smaller details were completely ignored. Not to say that graphics can or break a game, because HI has some decent gameplay (fingers crossed for the campaign releasing tomorrow), but the overall experience gets extinguished, like the flaming armor effect, when it looks like the “easy” or “cheap” route was taken.


Really sucks because halo has always excelled at effects, even since CE their water has been good looking for the time.

That’s without saying that other in game graphics aren’t good, or won’t be good, but in terms of showing off something “flashy” to other players, I think the effects fall short. If the current flame effect wasn’t on BP, but sold in the shop instead, I’m sure it would get a lot more attention with armor pieces and colors. Maybe they will sell an effect, and then others will be more verbal about what they think. I think the idea is great, but the execution doesn’t settle with me. With that said, my opinion might be different than everyone else. Maybe most don’t have an issue with it. Issue meaning, wished it looked for realistic.

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They don’t, saw a player with the hand flames and they look like they just slammed capsule colliders at the arms and inserted a gif texture of the flames on it and called it a day.

So they are exactly like you see on the podium.

I think the idea is cool but the flames look very 2 dimensional, I always thought the flaming heads looked subpar though because of size or whatever.

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