Armor effect floating sun

I predict that there will in the short or long away future come a floating sun armor effect above our head , or/and a snowflake

I also predict there will be an option to turn off armor effects.


nope that would be lame cus people pay for this kind of stuff, mcc the toggle made sense because it was free not for infinite

If I wanna turn it off clientside on my end, why not? Not like your spent money means you get to hurt the eyes of everyone in the game. If that’s the case, they should be selling armor effects for 60 bucks per pack.

No, for a 1000 bucks.

You want force us to look at your flashy effects because you paid for it?

That’s silly.


“Praise the sun!” - While wearing the medieval fantasy armor core that was in MCC

Personally A.E. and K.E.'s don’t mess with me that much but I think it’s perfectly fine have an option to dampen or remove effects that other players have.

This is something people with aversion to lights or flashes can call for as well. The effects are there for personal usage anyways, and they can still appear on player cards and victory screens, but in game it also makes you harder to see so why not?

You get your edge back and you still look cool if you win and in scoreboard/ player cards.

That’s and easy win/win

It’s not like the people who don’t toggle it are still going to see your $10 FX, toggle is for the people who don’t want to see this kind of stuff

As someone who has been actively homebrewing Halo content into Starfinder, a mote of starlight/black hole is ironically appropriate.

Oh, is this a discussion about toggles? How predictably absurd. Where’s the mute button?