Armor customizations

So I’ve been playing since launch and am not happy with any of armor sets i currently have unlocked

Is blind luck in a req pack the only way to get more armor?

You can get the Nightfall armour by watching Nightfall on Halo Channel. You can also get the Helioskrill armour set by completing Halo 1-4 in MCC on legendary.

I wouldn’t call it blind luck, but yes I believe the only way is REQ packs currently, I would shoot for the gold if you are gunning for amor and aesthetics. 343i might award armor for special challenges but thats jsut speculation.

I had the scarred mark 6 armour on my old accoubt i am not sure how to get it again does anyone know?

One version of Mjolnir is from completing the Halo 2 level ‘Cairo Station’ on the Master Chief Collection, the other is for completing your first campaign/multiplayer match on Master Chief Collection.

Just doingH2 ‘Cairo Station’ should get both.

why the heck can’t i unlock armor pieces for achievements? i want one for completing Lone Wolf achievo!!!

I started eith mark vi scared and gen1 plus nightfall. Theres really only 2 armor pieces i want, noble type and the rest of he mark vi, until mark v is released…

Its a bit of an inconvenience that is a crap shoot

They should’ve had some of noble teams armor in here no just carter. I really rigged Jorge armor especially the chest piece in reach.