Armor Customization

What is your favorite armor customization?

Mark VI for me.

My preference always shifts between Recon and Mark VI. These two are my favorites, and I can never seem to choose between them!

Recon or Commando.


<----------------------- you can see it over there.

All Mark VI armor w/ Legendary visor and White (Or Darkest gray) with light blue (Teal)

Deadeye helmet with wetwork set

Recruit and War Master :wink:

Mark V Chest and Helm with Ricochet shoulder-plating on the Right shoulder and whatever you want on the left, then Mark Gauntlets and Boots with Wetwork Visor, Blue Primary, Red Secondary. Looks AWESOME.

Helmet: Locus
Torso: Venator BYNT (Bayonet)
Left Shoulder: Rogue FCUS (Focus)
Right Shoulder: Rogue FCUS (Focus)
Forearms: Fotus
Legs: Fotus
Visor: Frost

Recruit or ODST. Sometimes Mark V or FOTUS to be funny.

To bad ODST and Mark V don’t register for Spartan Ops