Armor customization update

I’m gonna make the umpteen threat about this but

Does anyone think there’s gonna be a way to get “better” armor through gameplay? I know we’re not even 2 full months into the game but it’s just sad there’s no helmets for the new core, I know there are but the selection is limited, and there’s no cross core colors. I want to use crimson vettel on the spartan 3 core when I get odst but can’t.

I hope the next battlepass has some better helmets etc but I’m just worried anything “cool” or “different” is gonna be locked behind a huge paywall, or at least giving us the chance to earn credits in the pass so we can get a helmet or some different shoulders.

I also want to add on with the battle pass that they should also add wins to the dailies similar to playing matches. Just a little more of an incentive to keep playing.