Armor customization ideas for Halo 6

I was just thinking sometime ago, instead of having like 200+ armor and helmets to choose from, there sould also be the same number of armor pieces to choose from in the next game. The customization options would be like it was in halo 4, but with more varity to choose from. Think about it, with all the armor in Halo 5 carried over to the next one, we would also have the abilitly to change individual parts such as shoulders, wrist, legs, torso and helmets. But not only that, there can also be an option to have attachments to the suit, Pouches, shotgun shells, extra plating, combat knives, etc. As for the colors, beside having the undersuit completely black, the armor plating can have up to three color options, with the full color wheel to make it any shade we want. The same can said for the visor as well. And perhaps there can be an option to have armor decals like flames, kanji, or other sorts of characters.
Anyway, those are some of my ideas, what do think?

Literally I want only 20 decent armours :

  • Mark VI (Gen 1 and Gen 2) - Mark V - Mark IV (yes there is a difference between Mark V and Mark IV) - Recruit - Intruder (Reach air assualt) - Indominable (Reach Grenadiar) - Noble (Reach Commando) - Mark V(B) - Vigilant (Reach scout) - Wrath (Emiles helmet) - EVA - CQB - EOD - Warrior - Hayabusa (if 343 don’t get sued) - H3 Rogue - ODST - Hunter - Centurion - Argus - Copperhead - A few new armoursA Reach style customisation system :

  • Helmet - Visor - Chest piece - Left shoulder - Right shoulder - Left wrist - Right wrist - Legs - Customisable undersuits (because why freaking not?) - Allow for people to have paint jobs as an option rather than putting iremovable white lines going down a helmet. Things like Mark VI Scarred and Recruit charred are a good way to do these paint jobs - As OP said allow people to add on things like a combat knife, ammo belts and other cool attachmentsThe Req system will return however like the credit system armours can be purchasable through req points with more rare armours being unlockable by achievements and comendations so it’s combining the best of Halo 3’s and Reach’s unlockable system. Please make armours more militaristic like Halo Reach and 3. Also add in playable elites with at least the same amount of customisation as Halo 3 with armours just as good as Reach’s.

Emblems have to be kept separate form the Req system. They need to be customisable. They need to have backrounds. They all need to be unlocked at the start of the games. They need to appear on armours.

Just give us Reach customisation like we’re all asking for, that’d be great.

Just like the previous member said, I would like the same customization that we have on Reach. The armors look great and you know what you are getting for your credits. On the REQ point system, you just keep wasting your points, so you can hopefully get what you want. In Reach, you have to play a lot and earn it, which is what I love about it.

The more customization the better - anything that will let people make their Spartan’s as unique as possible.

Reach’s customization was on point.

Reach level of customization options would be best but having thousands of individual pieces would be nice only if they incorporate with an excellent organization system. I still would like to see a lot of options but Halo 5 has a lot of ridiculous reskins where one line is in a different place; I am sure we can life without those. Perhaps if the reskins where selectable AFTER you get the armor and it is ON TOP OF the set. Like have the armor have another section in that changes it’s skin.