Armor customisation

Besides the fact you cant make your own emblem or change the shoulders/legs anymore I feel they did not really put much effort into the armor pieces. Specifically the helmets, there are 6 athlon helmets all which are basically the same but one might have a white line on it or a blue line for a different one. This isn’t just with the Athlon but with most of the helmets and a lot with the armor. They are even missing helmets and armor which were in almost every halo game. To me this seems like a way to just have a bunch of items so they can say we have hundreds of different armor pieces. What do you all think?

Lots of armor and visors, but bad customization depth.

Where is SAGE color?

It’s a joke.

And where is sage?

please if you rate 5/5 post why, because I don’t under understand why.

Yep i believe no -Yoinks!- were given when implementing spartan customization.
Its a shame because reach/4 did it so right, i miss my shotgun amour attachments :(.

Oh i forgot they need to add personalized emblems again.
I was a spartan medic, as you can see by my left shoulder.

I feel like this customization is alright but I did love it in other games where you could change each and every part of your armor though the system with the emblems really sucks especially since you can only choose from a palate of colors and you cannot really customize the color.

I like it but i wish they still did the individual pieces

Halo REACH undoubtedly has the best armour customisations system, to be honest, this is literally the best system I’ve seen in any game, ever even since then. So why it was changed I will never know. Yes, the credits system made the higher tier gear locked to anybody but the most unemployed, but the redemption system had noting to do with it.

Being able to customize shoulder and chest pieces was far superior and led to more unique looking spartans.

I don’t even see what the issue is, shoulders would make up more items in REQ packs. Wouldn’t that be a positive for 343? More reasons for people to go after packs. I also liked armour effects in Reach although it seems like not many people agree with me…

peeks head from window

Its my EOD and I need it now!

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> It’s a joke.
> And where is sage?

a -yoink-ing men my fellow gamer

No effort was given at all what so ever

To be honest I hate the req system for getting armor I spent 200k of points for gold packs and haven’t got it while my friend buys one silver pack and gets it like what the hell man and I miss the reach customizations -Yoink- the halo 5 customizations

I see why as its easier for req packs to unlock the entire set minus the helmet…but there’s an easy solution.

The req card per armour set unlocks the chest and both shoulders. But in customization you can swap them out. You unlock the set but don’t lose the ability to mix and match. Seems kinda simple to me.

I voted 4 because they have so damn much of it and I’m not one to mix up body pieces anyway. All through Halo I’ve worn a complete armor set but with a different helmet so selfishly, this limitation doesn’t bother me too much. Didn’t vote 5 because it’s not Reach and because they don’t have my signature CQB helmet…

they threw out actually earning customization options for COMPLETELY RANDOM req packs in which you have an extraordinarily slim chance of getting the customization piece you want.

Horrible decision, please fire whoever made it.

I liked it in Halo 3 when you could customise each arm as well.

The fact that it’s all RNG based and you can’t spend your REQ points on what you want to unlock is just…
If I wanted an RNG based FPS game… I’d go play Destiny.
I miss Reach and how I could pick and choose what I spent my exp points on for making my Spartan look and sound exactly how I wanted it.

I personally like it apart from the colour scheme…

when I pick black it’s more like a dirty green looks terrible

The customisation is simple, whilst being fairly ineffective in showing off diversity.
Similarly I find it incredibly difficult to tell what types of body armour or helmets other players are wearing. This is due to the huge amount of armour types (which is fine), but also the fact that most don’t highlight any distinctive traits within the armour itself.