Armor cores suggestion

We all know that there are some glaring issues with the current customization in Infinite. I’ll try to give my thoughts on the matter and perhaps improve the game hopefully.

I know that everyone’s been talking about the coating issues or the lack of customization currently and I think I found the solution for these issues that’s easily fixed that’s already inside the game.
This being the armor cores, 343 you have a potential gold mine here and just need to develop it a bit further, with a bit more opening up both metaphorically and literally you can fix most if not all of the criticism in no time in a way that fans will understand.

Make all non-event coatings universal. Make sure that all armor coatings can be used in all cores, it doesn’t matter if I bought it, weekly unlocked it or got it in battle pass, if I worked for it I need to be able to use it on the core I want to.
There’s no reason why I need to grind 2X or even 4X to get the same color on two different cores.

I’m willing to let event armor coatings be separate since those need to feel unique so having them in different colors to the rest of the cores is a good way to drive up interest and revenue through in-store purchases.

343 you need to be more clear as to what the core armors are and how you unlock items for each, many players don’t understand and get frustrated when they unlock items but can’t use it on the core they were focusing on.

My solution:
Make the Mk V a “universal” core, let this core be THE ultimate player expression canvas, let all items be available here even if it doesn’t really fit with the cosmetic design of that core. (If we want to merge helmet from the reach BP and shoulders from the next seasons BP let us) even if they really don’t go well together lore wise or cosmetically.

Make a new core every new season, let’s have the Mk VII be the season 1 “Reach” core that’s tailor made for reach style cosmetics. This way if I want to show my beautiful season 1 spartan in 2 years time I’ll be easily identified by my “reach” core set armor instead of that years “forerunner” core of the day. These season cores won’t be able to use any item from outside their season as to keep them season locked and unique.

If you want to make the season cores even more defined add more season unique items to the shop that’s only available to them and not the “universal” core to make season Spartans even more unique, add more effects and animations, emblems and poses that will make me want to pay and play the season cores rather than the “universal” one. I and many others would be willing to pay for that

This somewhat goes into issue two but this can be easily implemented today if wanted.

Clearly show us which armor cores are the items we unlock or purchase compatible with. Make it in BIG BOLD RED so that we don’t have to go with a microscope to see if the 20usd bundle we bought is completely wasted on a core we don’t use.

I hope this helps someone and it wasn’t too repetitive, I know that everyone is talking about coatings but I don’t feel enough attention is fingen to the cores.
Please feel free to give your feedback or suggestions as to how to make the core system better

We shouldn’t take a compromise on this, no coating or visor should be locked behind an armor core, this restriction exists solely to sell you the same items multiple times.

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I don’t think coatings or cores should exist. There should be a color selection for whatever armor you have an since they cut it into more sections, you should be able to custom pick a color for each armor piece. Also armor can’t be for a specific core that is the worst idea. THAT is how you fix customization, you don’t predefine a color combos or armor cores for people. Let them pick. How was this even considered? Why do you not want people to customize anything? If you can call it customization, its as deep as a puddle.

I can understand armor cores not being interchangeable to a certain extent, but there is no reason why the color white shouldn’t be allowed on Mark V(B) but is on Mark VII. Player expression should not be hampered by restrictions in color choice on any front or armor choice to a certain degree.

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Armor coatings should of been an extra option where you choose your primary, secondary, and tertiary color options and the armor coatings pretty much just assign those colors to different parts of your armor based on what you chose.

Yeah that’s what I’m sayin. Its a no brainer. Since when have you not been able to pick colors and why go backwards in the quality and freedom of that with this method? Imagine picking more than two colors like we had in the old games? It would be accepted 100%

If they just gave us a custom armor coating option, I’d be happy. They could keep all the other armor coating in the game as long as they have me one armor coating where I could customize the colors to my liking. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant either. Just let me pick primary and secondary colors like every past Halo and I’ll be happy with that.

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