Armor Cores & Customization

Based on what is in the latest Halo Infinite IGN Article, it seems like Armor Cores will be somewhat limiting to customization. The way I am interpreting it, certain armor pieces will only be able to be equipped on certain armor cores, so the Mk V helmet will not be compatible with the Reach armors or the Fracture armors, for example. If this is the case, I think this is a HUGE mistake. 343 keeps saying that they are really focused on player individuality, and a system like this just seems like it limits creativity in customizing your Spartan.

What are your thoughts on this? Is anyone else interpreting this differently? Maybe a 343 dev can shed some light on the customization system?


That is definitely what they are doing and it is a huge mistake. No clue how they thought this would be a good idea but it really blows.


I think its limiting as well but I also see it as a good change more than a bad change
id say this could allow different generations of armor (gen1, gen2 and gen3)
and it also gives us armor presets in a way, that you can change between instantly
and it would also maybe give the armors a better look
since the cores not only all seem to use different models (which could have clipping issues when using another cores gear)
but a reach helmet on a samurai body might look a little odd


honestly, there has to be some form of limit to it if they are doing dif gens of armor. All gens have different sizes and general aesthetics and not every piece is going to work cross-gen from a model perspective (clipping, sizing etc).

That being said, some things will need to be universal (applies to all cores) such as coatings, armor effects, visors etc. If there are not, then I think its more of an issue. Personally, I want helmets to be universal given they don’t really interfere with the core itself. They could be but we wont know until launch.

As a plus though, I now get to customize different spartans from different gens which will be fun.


It’s an entirely self-imposed issue though. Clipping, etc issues are entirely avoidable if they merely start with a base that works and build off of it. Halo Reach had pieces of armor that were derived from Halo 3 sets. And MCC’s Halo 3 sets are about as whacky as they get, yet none of these issues were a problem.

Having unrecognizably different Spartan types and generations is going to make many multiplayer permutations look seriously out of place. If they want throwback pieces, they should do what has been done in every prior game and tweak them slightly to fit the current style. The current approach completely ruins player customization. Each season will effectively make all previously unlocked armor obsolete should you want to use anything new.

It’s a really stupid decision. Classic “one steps forward, two steps back” 343 behavior.


I very much agree should be lots of fun


My philosophy for customization systems is “the more the merrier.” Even if it looks wacky, I should be able to use my earned or purchased armor pieces whenever I want.


Each season will effectively make all previously unlocked armor obsolete should you want to use anything new.

That would happen regardless in the specified areas you are getting new armor. You’re also assuming that after each season armor would stop releasing for that core (which, while possible, is unlikely).

I somewhat agree it’s a self-imposed issue, but is it really? If you modify the OG armor designs too much in order to make it so every gens attachment can fit, it’s no longer that design (not really anyway). We also have to consider how its all sorted. At the end of the day, Infinites supposed to last a long time and with new armor being injected roughly every 3 months, the armor pool is gonna bloat. One of the main issues with 5 was that bloat and poor organization as a result.

One way to counter this, especially since they want to integrate multiple gen armors, is to use the gens as a filter themselves. That on top of other UI changes will make things a bit cleaner (they still have work to do given I heavily dislike the horizontal UI they keep trying to implement).

Again though, some things NEED to be universal, otherwise things start getting TOO segmented. There needs to be a combination of inter gen stuff and single gen stuff.


343 has responded to this in the past. They know the feedback about armor cores being limiting and said they’re looking into it for the future to see if/how they can separate armor pieces and allow them for use on different cores.

Ske7ch mentioned it on Twitter. Would link it but forums don’t let me put links. He said it on July 28th if that helps.


Having a core for each of GEN is cool, but I like being able to have whatever piece of armor I want. It helped make our Spartans unique and personal. I would be okay with it if we had total freedom on choosing what colors are used. I like the idea of skins for the armor and they should have them but we should be allowed to choose our own colors as well. I get the lore behind the different cores, each GEN is different from the other. So it would make sense that you could have all armor pieces be for each GEN. That said there could be armor pieces that work on all GENs. The USA military still use the same Browning 50 cal machine gun that was in use before WW2. I am glad though that they have said they are looking into have a separate core in the future and I hope they do.


[quote=“Porcin3_Proph3t, post:8, topic:854”]
That would happen regardless in the specified areas you are getting new armor. You’re also assuming that after each season armor would stop releasing for that core (which, while possible, is unlikely).[/quote]

No it wouldn’t? If armor cores weren’t a thing I could keep Emile’s knife, etc and mix in a new core’s helmet or legs. I’m also not assuming that at all. Any new armor released for a non-Reach core will be unusable with my beloved Reach armor

But again, previous games never had this issue. It’s not some impossible fix. Reach’s updates to Halo 3 armor were widely praised. Sorting and organization can easily be done by season, regardless of the core system, so I don’t see what you’re getting at.

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Unpopular opinion, but I kinda like armor cores. I’m all for realism in Halo, I supported the addition of sprint too. I like that different generations are compatible only to theirs unless an upgraded version is created, ie MK IV Gen 2 vs Hen 3.


I was also upset at the prospect of not being able to mix-match armors, but I could kinda sympathize with it. At most I think we should be able to use helmets across all armor sets (unless they plan on making a different version of each helmet for each armor set), since those would realistically take the least effort to fit.


Yeah that’s the only thing I like about it

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At first I did not like it. However, I actually prefer keeping armor pieces tied to their intended set. Additionally, look at Reach. The shoulder pads and kneepads essentially hover over the rest of the body instead of conforming nicely to its natural contours. By limiting certain pieces to their designated cores, all the armor pieces can fit more realistically.


I quite like the idea of armour cores: Mark V (B) variants sticking to a Mark V(B) core, Mark VI variants sticking to the Mark VI, GEN 2 variants sticking to GEN 2 and same for GEN 3. It’s an interesting idea that keeps Halo nice and neat. Looking at the mess that is GEN 2 on Mark VI armours in Halo 3 MCC, I think this is a rather creative way to avoid it. However… Players should have a few armour “racks” where they can swap between their armour sets of different cores at will. For example, if they edit their Mark VI core to be the Halo 3 Recon variant and they switch to their GEN 3 EOD for a match, they should be able to swap back to their Mark VI Recon without losing any of their changes. Does that make sense? It’s a bit like having multiple garages for cars in a racing game.

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This might be something that makes way more sense a few seasons in when things are better populated.

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I was worried abou the color coatings at first, but now that I have seen the various options, and amazing screenshots, I think armor coatings was the best thing that 343 could have added to multiplayer cuctomization.

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If Armor Cores are the way it’s gonna be, I think that 343i should, sometime in the future, implement some sort of rewards where you get bonus cosmetic items for collecting X amount of armor for a specific Core.

Forza Horizon 5 is doing this thing where folks get bonus items for collecting a bunch of cars from certain manufacturers. I think Halo giving players rewards for collecting, maybe even using for a certain number of matches, armor from Armor Cores, would be cool. Give people reasons to swap their armor in the future once the total armor pool is larger and try new stuff on.

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I’m more concerned about what cores we’ll be getting at all. We have the Mark V[B] but not the original Mark V, additionally the Mark V also has a second generation (Which is what Chief has in CE, Reach is GEN 1) And then there’s 3 generations of Mark VI to cover, and then lastly Mark VII, but hopefully that’s just one generation.

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