Armor Core Predictions 2.0

I was bored at work and wanted to pass the time and be a bit creative / somewhat optimistic.

A recreation of an older post I had made that seems to have glitched out because of something-or-other with the forum. It’s not locked, just almost impossible to read for some reason as random numbers have been jumbled in like the code is breaking down on posts.

Anyway . . .

We currently have 7 Armor cores in Halo Infinite, the last two on this list are currently unavailable for use in multiplayer . . . currently, hopefully this changes somewhere down the line. (seriously 343, players WANT to wear Master Chief’s armor again!)

  • Mark VII Gen-3
  • Mark V Bravo Gen-1
  • Yoroi
  • Rakshasa
  • Eaglestrike
  • Mark VI Gen-3
  • Honeybee (What I like to call Spartan Laurette Agryna’s Armor Core)

But what can we see in the future for Halo Armor Cores (other than hopefully some cross-core here and there for the non-fractures Armor Core setpieces)?

Well, here is my current list of predictions, at least when it comes to non-fractures armor cores -

  • Mark IV Gen-1
    (Halo Wars / Halo Wars 2 - Highly likely thanks to late-state variant artwork showcasing cosmetic options design)

  • Mark V Gen-1
    (Halo CE Anniversary)

  • Mark VII Gen-1
    (The Mark VII was designed during the MJOLNIR Gen-1 days, with the armor depicted in artwork as being based off of the Mark V Bravo armor design. So much so that the MJOLNIR Gen-2 version of the armor was the DECIMATOR-Class MJOLNIR armor set from Halo 5 Guardians. The following link could be how the armor would look like to visually distinguish it from the Mark V Bravo and Mark VII Gen-3.)
    ( - - )

  • S.P.I.
    (Semi-Powered Infiltration Armor was the budget stand-in for MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor used by the majority of Spartan-IIIs. Only a select few Spartan-IIIs received MJOLNIR armor. Fun-Fact, S.P.I. Armor was originally designed for O.D.S.T.s but the tech at the time was too low for the early designs. The best depictions of S.P.I. Armor was seen in Halo Headhunters and was worn in two separate styles by Spartan Roland-B210 and Spartan Jonah B-283.)

  • Headhunter
    (A hybrid of MJOLNIR and S.P.I. engineering. Lorewise this would mean MJOLNIR Armor with an always equipped active-camo module. But design wise, it would give us an upgraded successor to the classic S.P.I. armor design. Seeing as the Spartan Headhunters would most definitely still be a thing, this would be a MJOLNIR Gen-3 upgrade to their usual combat gear.)

  • Helljumper
    (Halo players love the ODSTs. And some are addicted to the madmen who drop feet first from orbit into the hell that is behind enemy lines. What better way to celebrate that than making a MJOLNIR Gen-3 Armor Core successor to Halo 5 Guardians’ HELLJUMPER-Class MJOLNIR armor set? Featuring old and new items for ODST oriented Spartans to utilize. Made up of cosmetic options that are both from older games and new cosmetics from expanded media?)

  • Hunter
    (Though most Halo fans dislike Spartan Jameson Locke and his armor design, there are those that actually like his armor set and the character. I liked Locke in Nightfall at least. With MJOLNIR systems moving to Gen-3 and leaving behind Gen-2, it would make sense that ONI would upgrade their equipment. Plus it would be an opportunity for Halo 5’s more goofy armor design pieces to be reimagined in the Halo Infinite style in order to redeem some of the more REQ-system-filler content and outlandish designs.)

  • Helioskrill
    (In the event that we do not get playable Elites for some reason, this would be a good close second. Imagine it . . . an armor core that is Sangheili armor crafted by Sangheili for their human allies. Classic designs from Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo Infinite’s Elites remodeled for the human figure.)

  • Gladiator
    (What happens when a Spartan gets captured by The Banished? Why they get put through an endless firefight. Those that survive long enough are given a choice: continue on until death or join the Banished as ‘clearly’ they control the ring and they are the superior power. Will you die with your pride, or will you accept their offer and help to train the Spartan Killers? Having survived an endless arena, you are no longer a Spartan, but instead a Gladiator. “My death will inspire thousands” were Escharum’s last words. Certainly the Brute Warchief didn’t realize that his death by the hands of the Master Chief would relight that Spartan flame in your heart. You managed to escape the Banished and regroup with UNSC allies. Now you will help them train to kill the so-called “Spartan Killers”.)
    (Gladiator armor used in multiplayer is worn by Spartans that faltered in their loyalty, but are fighting to earn back the respect of their UNSC brethren. A hybrid of MJOLNIR and Banished engineering.)

  • Orion
    (Halo 2 Anniversary got the addition of the ‘Orion’ armor for Halo’s 20th Anniversary. Put simply, we could possibly see such an armor core made official canon as ‘Dr. Halsey found one of her daughter’s drawings of a Spartan. Halsey proceeded to bring young Miranda’s drawing to reality by her engineering mind, originally as a de-stressing hobby but the final product saw effective capabilities in testing beds.’ The other parts of the armor core released during it’s season? Recreations of Mark I, Mark II, and Mark III MJOLNIR design pieces, shrunk down to fit a person and not a massive mech-suit.)

  • Mark VIII Gen-3
    (Given enough time, and we will likely see a successor to the Mark VII, probably three years post launch of Halo Infinite. An upgrade to the Mark VII in every way. See you in 2024)

  • Mark IX Gen-3
    (Ditto, might see the launch of such an armor 6 years post Infinite’s launch. See you in 2027)

  • Mark X Gen-4
    (Ditto’s ditto, might see this armor core launch at the tail end of the 9th year of Halo Infinite, with the final year being made up of MJOLNIR Gen-4 armor systems. See you in 2030.)

And now, for the fractures Armor Cores that I predict -

  • Fractures - Belos
    Armor Core - Achilles
    (Halo 3 MCC’s ‘Belos’ armor set pieces, slightly redesigned to better fit the art style standards of Halo Infinite. Armor Core renamed to ‘Achilles’ and possibly would have new pieces from Halo 5 Guardians’ armor sets of “Argonaut”, “Atlas”, & “Legionnaire”.)

  • Fractures - Crusade
    Armor Core - Blackguard
    (Ditto, but with Halo 3 MCC’s ‘Blackguard’ armor set pieces, again slightly tweaked in design to better fit the design norms of Halo Infinite.)

  • Fractures - Víkingr
    Armor Core - Drengr
    (Ditto’s ditto, but with Halo 3 MCC’s ‘Drengr’ armor set pieces, which again would be slightly redesigned to better fit the design quos of Halo Infinite. It could also include some of Halo 5 Guardians’ armor pieces slightly redesigned to better fit the aesthetics, such as “Fenrir”, and “Valkyrie”.)

  • Fractures - Automation
    Armor Core - Robo-Golem
    (Alt-Universe where because of the Covenant causing so much destruction, we needed a solution. Thankfully, Dr. Katherine Eliza Halley is a skilled robotics engineer! She designed a lineup of mechanical soldier automatons that can fight the aliens effectively on the ground. The power of a nuclear bomb focused to the precision of a photonic laser blaster!)
    (Cheap Sci-Fi retro robot style bodies where players are now robots and they fight the enemy instead of just putting soldier’s lives on the line without much hope. Think Rainbow Six Siege’s “MUTE Protocol” event cosmetics.)

  • Fractures - Reclamation
    Armor Core - Acolyte
    (Alt-Universe where Humanity was absorbed into the Covenant. And for years we were the most devout of warriors and worshippers . . . until the discovery of a Halo Ring. And meeting up with Monitor 007 Contrite Witness, many misconceptions were brought to light and many more lies unveiled. Armed with the truth, the fleet that discovered the Halo Ring chose to destroy the installation. The ships that survived the surprise attack now had a new goal - defy the Covenant and prevent the annihilation of the galaxy. A new schism had begun, and Thel 'Vadamee would lead the fleet as he followed the true Reclaimers to prevent “salvation”. No longer were Humans Devout Acolytes . . . we were Heretics.)
    (Armor is designed with Covenant motifs of organic curves and shine, but will have an applied Human element to the armor.)

  • Fractures - Epimetheus
    Armor Core - Titan
    (Alt-Universe where the Ur-Didact directed his Composer at the UNSC Infinity instead of New Phoenix. All aboard were composed and made into Knights and Soldiers. But the Spartans . . . their augmentations allowed for them to be made something else. Something more. Now with new bodies, they were declared as “Titans” and would be far more capable and deadly than the rest of the Prometheans. However, those who were Spartan-IIs that were composed would find themselves to be still themselves. Independent of the Didact’s will but telepathically connected to the other Titans. These Titans would turn against The Didact and destroy his ship from within. Spartan John-S117 is now truly the last Spartan of his kind. The rest are now Titans. And they are loyal to the UNSC and Humanity.)
    (Armor is designed to be Forerunner in design, merging classic Forerunner design with Halo 5’s Promethean design. It will also provide a proper canon reason as to why “Hellcat”, “Prefect”, and “FOTUS” armor can be utilized without being strange in the lore. The main body of the Armor Core could be inspired by the ‘Hellcat’ armor set of Halo 5 Guardians.)

  • Fractures - Sera
    Armor Core - Meatgrinder
    (Crossover between Halo and Gears of War franchises. Gears 5 saw Emile-A239 and Kat-B320 as playable characters, why not reciprocate the favor? COG and UIR armor from the franchise is slightly reimagined to better fit the character design of Halo’s Spartans. In this fractures-verse, Sera was suddenly beset by the Covenant. And the eternal machine of war that Sera was would finally have other colors other than just boring red to lube the gears of war.)

  • Fractures - Wasteland
    Armor Core - T117-S Power Armor
    (Crossover between Halo and Fallout franchises. The year is 2525, 448 years since the bombs fell upon the world. A world that has struggled to survive the wastelands. Humanity has fought back against the Zetans and upgraded their tech. But their conflict with the Zetans brought the ire of the Covenant! Now equipped with the latest model of Power Armor, the major factions of these irradiated wastelands will work together to finish the fight against the aliens. Sure it is irradiated dirt, but it is OUR irradiated dirt! American Wasteland Pride !!!)
    (The Armor Core and its pieces are designed to resemble slimmed down versions of the Power Armor sets we have seen in the Fallout franchise.)

  • Fractures - Ninth Circle
    Armor Core - Praetorian
    (Testing of a new model of slip-space drive yielded something strange, opening a rift to a world where hellish monsters began to ravage the testing site . . . and a single man was tearing them apart. Spartans were deployed and Master Chief was one of the sole survivors of the onslaught. Master Chief and this stranger, this “Doomslayer” Guy worked out a deal. And so, we reverse engineered the armor of this Doom Guy and crafted Praetorian-Class MJOLNIR. The Covenant, The Created, The Banished . . . all lesser threats than the literal demons that we let into our universe by accident. With the help of this one man the demons fear, we will make them learn to fear our Spartans just as much.)
    (Basically Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal’s armor cosmetics lightly tweaked into a hybrid between the Praetor Suit and UAC suit designs from the Doom 2016 multiplayer, merging them with MJOLNIR Spartan design.)

Whaddya think?
Got any favorites?

Hopefully we do get cross-core down the line for main-line armor core cosmetics, while fractures armors can remain entirely their own setup to further enhance this growing list.

Also, I hope that they revamp the shop so that we don’t have this whole weekly item rotation. Instead, we will hopefully get tabs for each armor core, with the weekly rotation just being discounted bundles.

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wow this is old. call me a necromancer for bringing back the dead but i didn’t want to make my own topic on armor cores. First off the SPI stuff i think would work on the Rakshasa core. Infect Eklund and Dinh kind of reminded me of the Headhunters from the animated short with their designs. plus i wouldn’t want a core to be made for a very specific armor.
I think two likely cores we would see in the future are;
The Mark VI core with halo 3 armor designs
And a covenant inspired core.
A lot of people want elites in the game, so 343 might meet the fans halfway and give us an armor core with an alien aesthetic. They can probably use a lot of halo 5 armor that wouldn’t fit in with the current Mark VII look they are going for. The Venture and Seeker helmets come to mind

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