Armor Core Is Here To Stay (Looking Forward)

Alright so the last few I changed my mind about the Armor Core customization system. Not because I like it, you see, but because it’s kinda… unsolvable. In another days ago I wondered if there may be a technical reason for it being hard to ‘flip a switch’ compared to the Coatings issue (which I still believe is a switch flipping solution they should totally do right now).

I took a closer look at the pieces in-game and noticed that the various gear for the two cores available right now are not entire body pieces of our ‘doll’ like previous Halo games. ----> They are 3D models fitted onto a specific armor core model. This is most evident with chest armor, the most unique visual armor piece in my opinion. It’s not a separate chest armor model like previous Halo games - it’s literally gear fitted on top of the base armor. A lot of knee, thigh, and wrist pieces could likely be universal (and certainly helmets) but chest and some shoulders are grafted on that specific core.

This system is not going anywhere.

Now; where do we go from here? Well we gotta get in 343’s ear with some specific, constructive asks to meet in the middle of this. Let’s look at what will very likely be the case:

  • Mark VII is our ‘default’ armor core. Every battle pass will have pieces that will fit this armor core, eventually making it the most visually flexible option by like 2023.
  • Every battle pass will introduce a new armor core with pieces that coincide with it on the track.
  • The shop will sell items for the default Mk7 core, and never for a battle pass core.
  • Certain coatings will be exclusive to an armor core.

Here’s some improvements I have in mind:

  • Shoulders on the reward track must be coupled together. Whether it’s to pad the season pass or the logic being that we can mix and match shoulders - it’s a bad look. Shoulders should be treated like knee armor.
  • Coatings must absolutely be universally applicable to any armor core. This is critical. And as some as stated the current limitation doesn’t even make business sense. People will eventually simply look up if an armor core can accept a certain color and any limitation is a lost sale or participation of an event.

The Tenrai event just went live, right? My current coating doesn’t apply to it, and there’s no purple on it’s list of unlockable colors. I been rocking purple since Halo CE. Where does that put me? No interest in this event. If they sell a future armor core and I can’t apply some variant of purple color set - that’s a no-buy. Coatings seriously need to open up, I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t even make sense from their own system’s perspective.

  • Mk7 armor pieces should be on the free track of a battle pass, or at least there should be a free ‘set’ per pass.
  • Add my EOD helmet!

This shouldn’t even need to be up for debate, it’s simply not okay to restrict coatings between cores, this restriction exists to sell you the same coating multiple times.


I agree with your overall point that armor cores are likely here to stay whether we like it or not. You touch on it a bit though, but most helmets and accessory pieces like gloves, wrist, hip, etc can probably fit across multiple armor cores.

I can understand chest and maybe shoulderpads, but a lot of the other categories and especially coatings and visors need to be universal.

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I don’t really mind that much that armour cores are restricting armour pieces, like, I understand why they’ve done it, but restricted coatings to armour cores as well, is such a huge step backwards, they boasted about how heavily customisable you’d be, yet everyone looks the same, with the same coating, the same shoulders, the same helmets, the same chests, there’s no variety when using coatings, it’s abysmal.


In the old forums there was a thread about coatings and people were actually defending it. Would have loved to remember those names to ask them for comment.