Armor core idea: star wars

This would obviously require some work, but if it is possible, I would love to see a non-canon armor core like Tenrai for Star Wars. It could be a joint promotional thing for new Star Wars and would boost both brands. Make the core so it had Clone Trooper, Storm Trooper, Mandalorian, Vader, Revan, Sith Trooper, etc. options. You could also do a fun event for it where visuals and sounds match Star Wars like guns shoot like blasters, energy swords sound like savers, AIs are available like R2. The possibilities are endless. You could even make it a paid event and I’d dive all in. Just a thought. Not sure how possible it is, but I’d love to see it. It’d be a fun huge win for two of my favorite IPs.


I really hope that 343 doesn’t cave to marketing crossover dollars and start adding in cross-universe garbage like this.


They’ve already added in cat ears., cyberpunk event, fallout armor core coming up. The damage is done.

Besides, how else do you expect them to keep this game going for 10 years?

4 seasons per year=40 seasons in total, they will need to stretch the content quite a ways


People still play Gearbox’s Halo Custom Edition on PC. They were smart enough to realize that allowing the community to host their own Multiplayer dedicated servers with a server browser, and allow them to download custom maps would let the community maintain the game on their own. It costs the devs nothing but a little dev time on a publicly releasable dedicated server software package (ideally with an API for some more advanced modification of custom modes.

This is so much better than “Forge” that everyone raves about.

If the devs actually cared about releasing a fun game for the duration, this is the route they would take. The devs do not care about releasing a fun game, they only care about maximizing profits by doling out little bits of content here and there. Especially the BS like cat ears and cyberpunk crap.

You lost me here.
Forge is the only reason Halo is alive today


Sorry to say this but if I ended up fighting a stormtrooper in my halo game I’d just drop it if I wanted to fight a stormtrooper I’d play starwars battlefront not halo


Mickey Mouse would want Phil Spencer to kiss his ring and that ain’t happening.


Good god please nothing like this in Halo. Its not that I don’t like star wars I’m just really tired of this non-halo stuff in halo


I already am on the fence about playing Infinite and this would probably make me quit Halo all together.

Unfortunately, stuff like this will probably happen at some point if Infinite is a “10 year Halo”. Cosmetics inevitably get crazier as time goes on to milk those microtransaction wallets. We already have cat ears, Mister Chief, and Armor Effects. It’s only gonna get worse.

I guarantee that a stormtrooper core, along with lightsaber ES skins, will come to Infinite in the 4th or 5th year. But before that we have the DOOM and GoW crossover fracture events and by the end of Infinite’s life cycle we’ll have Forza skins, FNAF, and Lara Croft all on the near nonexistent battlefield.

Stop. This isn’t Fortnight.

I’d freaking love this idea. Don’t like it? Don’t equip it. It affects you zero amount. And Star Wars themed, based, or inspired armor would make the game nothing like battlefront.

Ya’ll are haters

Yep your right I hate the idea of star wars stuff being brought to halo I think its terrible dont want storm trooper armor dont want light sabers and i dont want R2D2 rolling around and making guns sound like blasters might aswell make a star wars game at that point

Good thing Mickey Mouse is very picky with his IPs

Doubt they want to fork over the money to Disney like that… Starwar’s hasn’t really been all that big as a late except for a few decent toss in’s like the Mandalorian anyway…

Rather Mando armor than cat ears tbh

They wouldn’t do Star Wars due to how many legal hurdles and costs it would make.

They would rather do Fractures Armor Cores for other intellectual properties that Microsoft has ownership of.

  • Doom
  • Fallout
  • Gears of War