Armor combinations are way too limited

Is anyone else kinda disappointed that armor parts aren’t interchangeable with other armor sets?

For example mark VII armor with mark V armor on the same body.

I prefer the mark V armor pieces for nostalgia but the MAT-2550 grenade pack utility for the Mark VII armor looks great and wish i could put it on my mark V armor.

Its very disappointing that they are armor set exclusive and not fully interchangeable. Sure some spartans might look really funky with random combinations but that’s the consumers choice if they want to. There never should’ve been multiple bodies for the different sets of armor.

Supposedly the company is “having difficulties” with doing this and it’s “currently impossible at this time” that’s why they are separated. But the modding community had next to no issues doing this and claim the company is just blocking this as a means to get people to spend more money on their already heavily overpriced cosmetics.


I actually enjoy it.

The armor cores present a fantastic opportunity to cultivate generational and unique armor sets.

The base armor core is a set of default underlying armor that the external pieces merely build off of. It’s why MKV looks different from MKVII looks different from Yoroi looks different from Rakshasa looks different from Eaglestrike.

It’s also what will allow for the eventual addition of MKVI (Halo 2/3) and Gen 2 (Halo 4/5)

Overall the MKVII was modeled after the MKV, interchangeability is likely.

I do think that some bits can be changed out between the cores, but most parts should remain exclusive to each core respectively.

More pieces can be added to the cores to alleviate the “lack” of content on the individual core, but core pieces should remain mostly exclusively with some exceptions.

The way I look at cross core customization is like taking a Challenger and a Ferrari. A bug catcher scoop works on a Challenger and an angular spoiler works on a Ferrari. Now try adding that same bug catcher scoop to the Ferrari and the same angular spoiler to the Challenger. Sure they might fit, but it’s not like they were designed to compliment the underlying vehicle cosmetically or functionally.

Armor cores and armor core exclusivity is and can grow to be a very good thing, though I think that it ultimately suffers currently at the behest of the cosmetic acquisition system.

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Besides lore reasons and clipping, there’s no actual reason or positive for not having cross core. Only reason they did it is to sell you the same thing again and again and repeat challenges for armour like they do the emblems.

This again?
Most of the 3D models would have clipping geometry if we allowed chest pieces to be cross-core.
As for the rest of the armor, it does make little sense why they aren’t available cross-core.

  • Armor Coatings
  • Helmets & their attachments
  • Visor Colors
  • Shoulders
  • Wrist Attachments
  • Gloves
  • Utilities
  • Knee Guards

The vast majority of these from the Mark V Bravo Gen-1 and the Mark VII Gen-3 could work well together.

But honestly, I’m not that mad at the limitation items being exclusive to an Armor Core… except for the goofy stuff. For example, the cat ears. I wish they were truly available on all armor core helmets; fractures included.

Honestly though, we might see Cross Core someday down the line be updated into the game. After all, if the shop system isn’t changed soon, we will have a shop system that is limiting. For example, these are the Armor Cores we might have to use as options further down the line :

  • Mark IV Gen-1
  • Mark V Gen-1
  • Mark V Bravo Gen-1
  • Mark VI Bravo Gen-1
  • Mark VI Gen-3
  • Mark VII Gen-3
  • Mark VIII Gen-3
  • Mark IX Gen-3
  • Mark X Gen-4
  • Whatever Armor Core Spartan Laurette Agryna is wearing
  • Rakshasa
  • Gladiator
  • Helljumper
  • ONI Hunter Gen-3
  • Yoroi
  • Eaglestrike
  • Belos
  • Blackguard
  • Drengr
  • Titan
  • Heresy
  • Inheritor
  • Hellwalker
  • Wargear
  • T-77S Power Armor

With as many Armor cores that there will likely be after a few years, the shop will either need to be updated or cross-core would need to be enabled for non-fractures armor cosmetics; otherwise players will see items rotate in the shop for an Armor Core they either don’t have yet or one they don’t use.
Which would lead to further frustrations.


I’m not even arguing from a lore/clipping perspective.

It’s like skins and heads in Borderlands 2.

There are very few skins that are unique to characters in BL2, most of them are just the same colors mapped to the individual vault hunter. Much like armor coatings should be.

Heads on the other hand are unique to each vault hunter, and usually compliment their design in some way. With an exception of 5 or so heads, the vast majority of them would look out of place if swapped to another VH even if clipping wasn’t an issue.

There are plenty of pieces that can be interchangeable (with armor coatings and visors being 100% completely interchangeable), but to retain a factor of design difference between the cores themselves it would be beneficial to keep a good amount exclusive to the core they belong on.

Once again, I don’t think this issue would be as big of a deal as it is if it wasn’t for the way armor is acquired. If there were more available cosmetic options populating the customization modules, players wouldn’t be begging to take what they have a lot of unlocked and applying it cores in which they don’t have much unlocked.

About the only thing they sell you again and again is coatings and emblems, and even that’s a stretch of the truth as all of the same coatings and emblems are bundled together and purchased at the same time.

I see this argument a lot, but it has zero factually citable basis for being said. It’s pure speculation that this will be done for armor.

With how many visors there are i was genuinely surprised when i found out they were armor exclusive! Idk how to feel about visor colors and armor colors being exclusive to specific armors because that’s a pure visual change only for the pieces.

I personally feel having those be exclusive actually removes the diversity amongst the armors. The argument on that being the same colors being seen on the same armor everywhere.

Countless times ive entered a game with 2 or more people wearing the iron man style skin on the mark VII. It’s everywhere. Nearly every game. Both teams. If it was at least available on the other sets too then it would at least have different styles via helmets and accessories.

But if every part and color was interchangeable then the probability of seeing the same exact arrangement of armor would be drastically reduced. The total combinations of armors would be exponentially increased and would create the most diversity we’ve ever seen in a halo game. And was what i originally thought they were going to do from the beginning before they released the game. It was a huge disappointment to find out they were exclusive to sets and can only be paired with specific pieces.

For me the Mark VII core is fine but I struggle trying to find a combination for the Reach core, I got my Mark VI helmet but everything just feels limited than what we had in Halo Reach

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If that’s the case, then I agree. It is very disappointing. I have so many cool coatings on MK VII that I would love to throw on my MK V spartan.

I understand if clipping is the main concern, but I think it would make for a great olive branch to some of the people disappointed with customization if a considerable amount of attention went to addressing this.

Thank you for not being toxic. It makes it so much easier to follow your reasoning and consider your POV. Hope you have a good one. :slight_smile:

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They are missing a huge selection of armor from reach. Hopefully they will come in the future. Such as the shoulder pad with eimiles knife! Its only available in the emile kit which is outrageous! But i noticed some armor are different from their original! Such as the sapper chest piece for emile! Its missing the belt of grenades and the two grenades in the middle of the chest! The new version is NOT what emile used to wear. And what they are featuring for the emile kit in halo infinite is incorrect!

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To the people using it’s to prevent clipping as a defense the cores already have clipping so if they really wanted to prevent minor clipping they would lock only the crazy customization options that definitely cause clipping issues with other crazy customization options

The core system sucks there’s no reason for us to buy the same color multiple times and have visor colors locked behind cores

While there are separate armor coatings per core, I don’t think there’s been any examples of coatings being sold individually. They’re usually in a bundle, you get them all at once rather than over a certain frame of time.

Coatings at the very least should be cross core, but it’s not like they’re breaking the coatings up to sell them to you piece by piece. Yet.

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We are getting portions of cross core next season, which I’m excited for, but if you prefer non cross core, you will still have the option to not use it.

But me oh you best your butt I’ma being using cross core to its fullest. I already have some ideas how I shall mix it up to make my Spartan look very unique to my style. But I have to wait for other peices to come out…

Very excited for it

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The one thing I would like is the visor colors being interchangeable
there’s no reason why every armor type can’t have the same ones

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Yes, absolutely. And this week, there is finally a black visor. How long I’ve been waiting for that. I want to use it on the Mark V EVA helmet, that’s how it’s been for a looong time for me.

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Update!: i just read an article that stated the head of creative Jerry Hook confirmed that the developers are looking to move away from the armor core customization system and all armor pieces and skins will be interchangeable one 1 body instead of 3!

But it will take time and we can expect them to make helmets, visors, and armor coatings to be interchangeable first sometime during season 2. After that we will eventually get all armor pieces too after they sort out the clipping issues.

So the most complicated ones like the yoroi armor will likely be last to be added for they require the most work and i suspect some pieces wont be fully compatible with everything. But thats fine with me personally im just glad most will be compatible with others.

According to this article changes to the cores will be most likely occurring in the very near future

Honestly I don’t mind that armor cores have distinctive parts, it lets them create discrete styles for each one without having everyone run around as a frankenstein mishmash. Just due to the nature of releasing new pieces over time means that season 1 is going to be the most limiting period for a system like this. OTOH, there’s no reason at all why visors and coatings shouldn’t be cross-core. I know a lot of people want them to go farther then that but if they stopped there I’d be totally fine with it.

But distinctive cores are the main reason why the diversity is lacking heavily. Every set is limited to specific pieces. Most of those pieces are heavily preferred over the other options. So most of the time players are all using the same combinations of pieces. It’s the exact opposite of diversified. While i can understand some of the “Frankenstein” combinations may look strange. However that’s the consumers choice. Let the players dress how they want to. Based on previous titles generally players dont look too funky with their combinations. Everyone has a sense of taste. What’s not the player’s choixe in this title is wearing exactly what you want if the pieces are divided amongst different armor cores. So the player base is shackled to only specific appearances. Even what color the armor or visors are. It’s quite sad actually.

Cross core can’t come fast enough.


Agreed. Especially now there are 5 different cores with season 2 launch. I can only imagine what their future plan was originally. Probably 20 separate cores