Armor colors

My idea has no effect on gameplay, but i feel as though it has been neglected.

Basically, if you examine the color options from Halo CE - Reach, you will notice that some colors are replaced or changed entirely. [example]-the “Sage” color from Halo 3 was my personal favorite color, but then in Reach, the “Sage” color isn’t remotely close and is an entirely different shade of green. the same goes for Orange and the so called “black” has been changed every game.

My proposal for Halo 4s color system, resembles a color wheel.

There are many reasons why this would be bad, as it would be hard for people to pick the same color for clans, or in FFA the huge variety of color might add unneeded stress on the Engine(I am not sure as I am not a computer programmer)
So i thought that there would be somewhere around 9-10 shades of color for each “Major” color. That way, people could not only pick their favorite color, but also their favorite shade as well as having a better look between Primary and Secondary color options.

I would also like to add that we need the the third color option from Halo 3, but it should have some flare. Like you can pick where it is, its color, and the style.