Armor Coatings Worse Than You Think

So as you all may know 343 are implementing armor coatings into Halo Infinite which is clearly a method for them to add micro transactions into the game and charge you $5 per armor coating. By removing the old feature and by adding this new one is NOT designed or made to improve the customization system at ALL, keep that in mind. Let me give you a clear example. The Monster Energy promotional weapon coatings is not one coating that you can simply apply to any weapon, armor vehicle etc. You basically have to buy/unlock the same armor coating for ALL your weapons, vehicles just to be able to use the coating on all your stuff, which gives us a clear indication to how customization will work in game. This promotion clearly proves it, so yes armor coatings is going to be even worse than we think. Think of how many vehicles, weapons there will be. The fact that we might have to buy/unlock the same coating for every piece of equipment is bad. Quite frankly this system is worse than Destiny’s, at least they allow you to apply any shader to any of equipment.

Please keep discussion of shaders in the ongoing thread. Thanks!