Armor coatings should be equipable on any armor set

it makes no sense to lock it behind certain armor sets


Yep, the restriction exists to sell you the same items multiple times, it’s ridiculous.

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True. Also I want them to tone down the weathering a bit, have gone a bit OTT. Reminds me of my collection of match box cars I used to play as a kid. The paint would chip off until eventually you see the bare metal. Surely in 2500 technology has moved on a bit.

Yeah, how else could they justify selling you the Yoroi version of cadet blue for $8?

It makes complete sense, how could they sell you the colour blue for glorious nippon armour for 9$ if you could have just transfered it from your default VII armour.

Remember they have gone out of there way to say the way they designed the game made it impossible for coatings to transfer across different sets, only for the bots to be able to do it and look fine.

Now if they are directly lying to the community about why they can’t do it, that means we are not going to like the real answer.


Yeah, I’m not buying the whole it’d be impossible to transfer between cores. You make an excellent point with the bots. But even not taking the bots into account, once you have masks for the armor, it takes almost no effort to apply new colors textures. The more complex cores they might need to make custom, in which case I’d understand being locked to a specific core. But this default blue, even if it couldn’t directly transfer they could make a carbon copy in seconds. There is no reason to charge that much other than greed.

When I saw that I was speechless lol, can’t believe we exist in the timeline where making a RedvsBlue machnima would cost like $20.

It does actually appear that any armor coating works on any armor core