Armor coatings need a change

Color is one of the first things you notice about a spartan, maybe after whether or not he has rockets. I dont see why the coating system isnt customizable. Why cant skins and textures be separated from the colors? From what they’ve described coatings will be one selection you make that apply whatever colors 343 set for the coating. That means one box to select the colors, and you select one of whichever coatings 343 decide to make. 343 could sell the additional colors in packs that they are saying are possible to add, which means the unique colors we are all excited to see could be used on more skins. Let me put it this way, the primary/secondary coating system in halo 5 has 60 colors to choose from. The number of permutations that allows is 3,600. That means 3,600 different color combinations are possible in halo 5, and all 343 had to do was make 60 colors. Now we will be limited to the number of colors 343 will make. And I can tell you it wont be near 3,600. Sure alot of those combinations would be silly or similar between many but it’s still more unique combinations. If they just added one more way to change colors, that number could rise to 216,000 different possible color combinations for our Spartans. Just based on the math the armor coating system as it stands will deliver far less unique color options, just the amount they add yo the game so let’s say they make 500 armor coatings that’s a reasonable number to make, but it could have been over 100,000 if they went with a different system. And if they added skins and textures and more colors to a new 3 color system or even a piece-by-piece coloring system they could have potentially millions of unique ways to customize your Spartans colors. How is that not better in basically every way except that 343 them selves wont design the colors for us? Even in sales, wouldn’t you buy more skins if you could make them whatever color you wanted? If you dont like green are you going to be buying the green skull and cross bones skin? Probably not but if you like orange and could make it orange you just might be more likely to buy the skull and crossbones skin. That’s just an example this pretty much can be applied everywhere, and not to mention they could get more sales on colors. They could have more unique colors, more things to sell, and more things for us to unlock via gameplay, all they have to do is abandon this limited, restrictive system. Or they would have to sell multiple color variants of the same patterns and that’s just like really you’d have to buy red, green, orange and blue skull and cross bones skins and that would be too far.

Hey there, let’s keep conversations about coatings to this thread, thanks!