Armor Coatings and Visors

After playing the game and customizing my spartan, i noticed that visors and coatings locked to certain cores, i think it would be best to let coatins and visors be universal for each core allowing for better customization.

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Visors have no reason to be locked to cores as they are literally jpegs on the spartans helmet, same with coatings. They are locked to specific cores on purpose to make the pool limited so you spend money on the 5th red visior for ur new spartan core

This needs more attention, I am not seeing enough people talking about it.

Been getting mentioned here and there but it keeps getting buried in the avalanche of redundant posts. You’re 100% correct, coatings and visor colors shouldn’t be locked to a core type or kit. Completely discourages people to buy such things outright when you limit their use in such a fashion.

Really want to use my Zeta Sky on the Mark V core, this is my one and only sadness with Halo Infinite…
i hate the Mark VII design, and love the Mark V, but i love the coatings i have on Mark V…
please fix this :smiley: