Armor Coatings and Cores, a compromise

So far in my time playing Halo Infinite, I have felt very restricted when it comes to customizing my spartan. XP and Battle Pass progression is part of this reason, but while there may be issues in how you obtain these customization options, I’m hoping to bring that same attention to the lackluster customization items themselves.

Armor Coatings: Player customization has been a long time staple of Halo and is increasingly present in modern video games. As more options to customize are added, more ways to monetize these features come with them. The current armor coating system seeks to monetize an already established feature. As a player, I am not rewarded with new experiences and options because of these armor cores, but rather I am playing/paying to relieve myself of restrictions put into place in this new system. These restrictions stop me from being able to do what I could in the past for no playtime or payment.

Even with that said, I believe a rework to the armor coating system could allow this to be a very beneficial system. By allowing players the same customization options that were present in previous games (primary and secondary colors) you can maintain the standard of customization options that has been set in previous games. Features such as patterns, paint finishes, and color ways (what pieces of the armor the primary and secondary effect [new coatings where the helmet is a different color than the body]) could be monetized. This would allow those who enjoy this portion of the game and wish to use it further to do so without restricting those who don’t. It would also allow 343 to still make a profit off this side of the game without such a negative impact on the community.

Armor Cores: Personally, I don’t disagree with the idea of armor cores, having different base armors to customize to allow to make armor that’s much more stylistically different like the upcoming event core is fine to me. It’s the current handling or them that is an issue. Items such as visors and armor coatings not being transferable between cores adds no value to the game. It is simply a roadblock between the player and doing what they want. As a player, I don’t gain anything from unlocking a gold visor on Mk.VII but not Mk.V[B], it is merely a nuisance for me, the player.

Another part of the problem with armor cores is the Mk.V[B] core itself. I can understand the idea of the armor cores when being used to add in more stylized gear, like the samurai style event armor. But the handling of the Mk.V[B] core is just the opposite. The Reach and Infinite armors both have very similar styles, and do not require separate starting cores to be built upon. This is best highlighted by the similarity of the completely stock cores, and the recon helmets being present of both. This creates yet another limitation for the player while adding nothing in return, and gives a bad reputation to cores, a feature that I personally believe can be beneficial for the game if implemented properly.

In closing: the current system is by no means player friendly, but does set the foundation to be greatly improved upon. If I could ask anything of anyone reading this, don’t buy anything in this game. If you had a lemonade stand and tried to sell one cup for $10, if 9/10 people bought it, you would continue to sell at $10, as there isn’t currently any strong incentive for you to drop your price. If only 2/10 people would buy your $10 lemonade, then you may consider lowering the price, as 9 people buying $5 lemonade is a greater profit then 2 people buying $10 lemonade. This change can only be made by not spending money and talking with you wallets. “Putting your money where your mouth is” so to say. Forking over the money and complaining doesn’t have the same impact as not making the purchase in the first place.

To anyone from 343 reading: please understand I am not the only one saying this, I have seen this talked about constantly from release, and when I came to waypoint I realized it was not being talked about nearly as much as anywhere else. I hope the changes can be made to make this game great.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in an organized, respectful manner, and have a good day.


TLDR: Don’t stop criticizing customization and monetization. The system can be vastly improved, and if you agree, I ask you please refrain from making purchases in Halo Infinite to help make this point clear

Yeah this system needs to be looked at really urgently. Hopefully cross-core customization and universal coatings come SOON. It is demotivating for me to feel like I am improving at the game but not getting any cool new cosmetics to show for it.

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