Armor Coatings, a family tradition and recognition destroyed?

Please. I’m honestly sad that the colors that I’ve had for over 15 years aren’t available. I literally just want white and red, please. I will pay directly, I am willing to pay 30 dollars, others would be angry, but I’m just getting really tired of being unhappy with all of my armor cores, they just don’t look like… well, me. I miss my colors. I literally bought the hcs sentinels armor just because then, my friends could recognize me. But, I can’t even customize it. Please, it’s all I want. It makes me sad to look at my Spartans and not see them as mine. Please. You can judge me, call me a whale, idc. I want to EXPRESS myself through my spartan. And I stick to what I like. That’s why I’ve never stopped playing halo. Even if I didn’t like the direction it was going. Even if I didn’t like the art style. Halo has always been my go to when I want to spend time with my cousin and my friends. Over a decade of tradition, ruined for us, simply because I can’t express myself through my spartan. So please, just let me buy a white and red. Please. Thank you, and I appreciate all of your hard work to make this game what it was meant to be. All of us appreciate the time and effort put in. And thanks for listening.