Armor Coating Rework Proposal

Instead of selling color schemes we could make in previous games for 10$+, or locking basic colors behind days of grind why not turn armor coatings into armor patterns?

Armor patterns will apply a pattern to the armor it is applied to in which it changes where colors are applied. For example camouflage, flames, etc. As it sounds it’s just a pattern that is applied to the armor that you can change the color of.

This system not only allows for “more player customization” in which armor coatings were claimed to do, but also returning the freedom of player expression that we’ve traditionally had in every previous Halo title.

As things stand now we have very limited colors to use that are dull, and dirty, while the 10$+ colors are clean and vibrant. Taking away what we already had in the past just to sell it is not how monetization should be done. The armor pattern system will correct this.


They can’t sell as many armor coatings this way unfortunately, which is the reason this won’t ever come close to fruition. There are too many pattern and color options for them to sell. Choosing this rework, while beneficial for players, would leave some more space in 343’s pockets.

Im with this, but maybe we could get like 3 of each color category (3 greens, 3 reds, etc.) and they can sell exclusive/unique colors and patterns.

sort of a ‘compromise’

That’s a good idea and exactly what I wish they would have done instead, I think if 343 had done this nobody would have ever complained about coatings, instead we got this current system which… I guess exists so they can sell slight variations of the same coating in different colors, I don’t know?

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In my opinion, so long as it’s just a color it should be accessible by default unless the color is bringing something new to the table. For example they could add a glowing color palette to the battle pass, but regular non-glowing shades should be accessible by default as they always were.

Since we’ve had access to all colors traditionally I don’t believe MS has any excuse to suddenly cut it up into little pieces and sell it. The goal of the pattern system besides returning player’s freedom of expression is to turn the armor coating system into an actual product instead of something that’s essentially been stolen and sold in little pieces in order to be returned.

Not at all you can give basic colors and allow us to do a secondary like old school halo then do the Halo 4 armor redesigns which had like 20 back then. You could add camos as premiums, finishes as one (like matte or gloss), and added stuff onto the armor colors like ghillie leaves (best I can think of).
The fact they went to a Destiny like system and DID IT WORSE than Destiny is ridiculous Destiny got flak for this so much at launch back in 2014 but they at least added more, and did the kind of rework OP is suggesting.
If you want a good example for how expansive the customization could be look at DOOM 2016 multiplayer heck look at the failure that is Anthem this type of system could work and make the extra stuff premium content.

This is what it needs to go to honestly. I can see this game as at stands right now with its business practices driving fans and casuals away from it over a short amount of time. People aren’t interested in that model, they want to own their content and if it is unlockable content they want to know how long that might take. Patterns would be better and wouldn’t take away any more agency that has already been taken away.

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I was ok with them at first, then i saw theyre bound to armour cores. So if i want to use the same colours on all my sets, i have to buy a coating with those colours on EVERY core. Thats tedious and way to money intensive

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armor coatings really should of been more like “unique” colours/patterns and still have the option to pick primary and secondary colours like in previous games,not lock white behind $20

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