Armor Coating Improvements

When I saw how the coating system for Halo Infinite was depicted in its first reveal, my expectations were through the roof. I had all these color combinations depicted in my head for making my Spartan.

I now see that whiIe this was a step in the right direction, the execution was not successful.

There are aspects of the coating system which are severely limiting, despite it being the most robust color-selection option we’ve ever had in a Halo game (besides post launch MCC). It’s inconsistent in a lot of ways. A lot of the color options we have are colors, that most people don’t even want to pick. A lot of it consists of repeats or minor saturations adjustments. A large portion of it is viewable, but not currently available.

However, some of the content I’ve seen 343 come out with is straight fire. For example, S1 HCS coatings look amazingly polished. Same as S2. And now with the cross core updates being worked on, there’s no doubt—this system will improve for the better.

Currently, armor coatings feel like an unfinished feature. Some colors have slight saturation changes while others look identical. Coatings seem to not apply to chest pieces by design, which frustrating for fans that want to wear Jorge’s chest piece. Some coatings have different rarity but visually look basic. Some coatings have decent color options but then possess random colors, clashing with the design, removing the magic that makes up player expression. If I can’t pick the color I want, but I choose the coating because some of the colors look cool, then I didn’t really pick the color i want. Sometimes it feels like you can never find the color that you actually want, making it hard to achieve unique player expression. Here’s 3 ways I think Armor Coatings can improve in the future:

  1. Hexagon Shader Select
    -there are six color hexagons associated with each armor coating depicted in the preview image when you browse armor coatings
    -each hexagon represents the color of the specific piece of armor on the Spartan
    -what if you as the player had the ability to modify that?
    -a default coating could even include limited access from 1-2
    -this would be a simple color combination
    -when selecting a coating, 343 could give us the ability to apply a color to hexagons 1-2
    -consider hexagon slot 3 for body suit but limit to black, white, or gray
    -this would be a fully viewable color palette(think basic H3/Reach color selection, although H5 seemed to have the largest selection)
    -this could your basic red, blue, green, yellow etc., but give us a full range of colors
    -this would really give us better personalization when it comes creating a Spartan without relying on the Shop/Battlepass/Event FOMO
    -default coatings should have that “worn paint” look to create uniformity

  2. Rarity
    -this is where it gets interesting
    -based off the rarity, you as the player have the option to modify more of the hexagon pieces of the coating, to create a really hyper detailed look
    -you would be able to create artful more unique color patterns on your Spartan
    -this is also where the materials of the coatings should start varying
    -complete paint, high gloss, metallic, matte could be separated by rarity could create an easy to understand system for the player
    -players would easily identify what is Mythic and what is Legendary when there is uniformity
    -for example a certain body suit texture could be limited to rarity
    -or if the person customized x number of hexagons you would be able to tell easily as another player due to the unique colorful look

  3. Shop/Battlepass/Progression
    -the shop should have items that are specific color /material patterns which can’t easily be replicated currently
    -colors that are not repeats of what you can already select
    -these coatings would be need to be things that players actually want
    -the same goes for the Battlepass
    -when a progression system gets introduced you could award the player for XP through commendations, similar to the Reach/H4/H5 system which would actually unlock super coatings
    -these coatings would not give you the ability to change the hexagon-color pattern, but that wouldn’t matter because these are so unique that it would create exclusivity for the grinders out there, further rewarding them for playing the game removing FOMO

What do y’all think?

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