Armor Coating Idea

Alright, hear me out. What if 343 were to do promos similar to fortnite where you can buy spiderman as a character for example. But here’s the catch. Instead of the actual character, we get an armor coating closely resembling said character in the promo. So in this case it would be red and blue with the spider web pattern all over the armor. I think that would be badass.

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Would it be crosscore?

don’t know what crosscore is. but if you meant crossover then yup, something like that. A collaboration of some sort. they’ve already done hella promos with famous brands, why not make things a bit more interesting.

no he means like it can be used on mk VII mk V B and yoroi core as in its available on all 3 armor cores

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It’s she, but yes, that’s what I meant.

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oop sorry ^^:

and dang these 20 character limits

I’d rather they give the spider web and other patterns for free, and the patterns should be able to be used for any armor core and color.
The thing that costs should be the armor that’s shaped to look like Spider-Man.

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I like the idea! Could do Fractures related to this sort of stuff as well as general promos.

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Oh alright, then yes. It would definitely be crosscore. I’m praying that every armor coating is crosscore honestly.

A fracture for a Ghostface armor coating/mask would guaranteed have me grinding.

They’d definitely drop some Spiderman inspired armor.

But it’s pretty crazy for a halo game unless it’s like a rated M game or is more mature than just comic characters (Doomguy is highly requested, and hayabusa was a collaboration/nod to the Ninja Gaiden Team who put a spartan character in Dead or Alive I think.) This is halo not fortnite, they shouldn’t do it all the time but dropping Spiderman or batman inspired armor with a coating, Special FX one or 2 times won’t hurt the game too badly imo.

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Unfortunately for you this isn’t CoD, I don’t see horror movie characters making a debut in halo seeing as they don’t wear armor.

Not to mention it’d be extremely hard to make armor for them that makes sense, since a lot of killers have facial deformities or things that look unnatural and that wouldn’t translate well into a halo style armor set.

The most we’ll see horror like is whatever they have in store for us in October, like maybe bloody coating, bat FX, and helmets that they can design freely without worry of it needing to look like anything.

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I see but it can definitely be possible for there to be a Ghostface skin.

Armor Coating:
Arms: Black (w/hint of red to imitate blood splatter)
Legs: Black
Body: Black (also w/hint of red.)
Helmet: White.

Helmet - Ghostface Mask
Hands - Knife Attachment (just for display)

That would be my personal lil bundle if Ghostface were to be added somehow some way.

Knife in hand would be an issue because you’re constantly holding a gun? Just wait until they add assasinations then you can request Ghostface themed ones. There’s many knife attachments in the store already

A Ghostface mask would not work in halo unless they pull a MCC on us and just make the head part of a hood, which looks strange then, and I want the plague doctor mask. Thing is that only looks good with Juns chestpiece.

The coating would work. But they’ll probably end up doing that by accident considering they already have the color placements (white head green body is unlocked really early) and are likely gonna be recycling armor color placements for mediocre coatings.

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