Armor Bodysuit

What is the point of having it colored? It looks better black. Honestly, they did it for Halo 2 Anniversary and look how good it looked. It’s already bad enough that the customization is limited in Halo 5 and on top of that some of the new armor designs look awful and on top of that the armor colors are the same bright, basic 3’s. They even gave the Chief and Blue Team colored suits and they had it black before and the same to Palmer but Osiris gets some other type bodysuits at least if for some odd reason they can’t make it black completely at least only color the shoulder,hip and groin paddings.

I try to avoid saying it looks ‘better’.

But it totally looks better black… Like, more legit, or something. More serious.


a lot of the Mjolnir art for H5 has a lot of undersuit showing, so it would look kinda bad.

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What’s the point? That spartan will look as gay power rangers lol!
Btw black undersuit FTW pals!

I’m not saying I don’t like it but the armor is getting lighter so it shows more of the undersuit so I think thats why they coloured it, but yeah black isn’t bad at all. At least for Spartans-II should remain.

I think it looks good both ways

It doesn’t really bother me, I don’t care if they are coloured or not, I like both.