armor and helmet pre order dilemma

I have posted on XBOX forums as well. I bought Halo 4 today and received 2 codes which gave me aan armor suit and helmet for use in Halo 4. Before downloading it to my XBOX I read the usage restrictions. It said that it was useable for the console it was downloaded to. Not the gamertag. So I downloaded it. Yet when I signed in my sons gamertag after downloading it, suprise, suprise, suprise. It wouldn’t show up in his gamertag. I am a little upset at this. The armor really makes no difference to me. I play the game to play it. Not to impress others by how my Spartan looks. My boy, on the other hand, loves to change his armor out all the time. I have contacted both Best Buy and XBOX by phone and it has not resolved my issue. I need help. I want my boy to enjoy what he likes about the game. Please can anyone help me with this issue?