Now I know this isn’t a primary concern because I full on believe gameplay and game modes not to mention forge and season 2 are most important things to work on rn I believe in 343 and want them to take their time and make this game great love halo very much. I personally have been going over body types alot since I cant really indentify with the body types or the big armor I kept thinking they need to add more body Types but then I thought what about Light Armor Core Variants like instead of making new body types or resizing the armor how about make a corresponding Light Armor Version like in reach for each core from Mark V to Tenri and others they add. a slim light armor samurai would be badass and you could make a good odst character with this would probably take a good amount of time so I know it’d probably come out like season 3 or something but I believe it’s a good way to keep the ambiguouness 343 wants as well as adding more options for players to customize with if you don’t like the 3 body types with heavy armor try 3 body types with light armor I am very passionate abouts armor customization lol thank you very much for stopping and reading my thoughts id love to hear everyone’s thoughts if possible and please leave a like if you like my idea

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