Armor Accessories in the Future

think im completely annoyed with the accessories that Halo Infinite handles us with the helmets, because it is only limiting us to having only one accessory, I do not want to compare, but pressing and looking at the customization of Reach, it would be good to attach from 1 to 3 accessories.

I even feel that the legs or rather the knee pads is not a big change talking about the Mark VII armor, supposedly this armor is the star of the crown and its pieces to combine are very basic.

I know that Halo Infinite is going through the ugliest problems right now even the updates will be coming later but the community has been waiting and betting everything for a few months.

I couldn’t care less if an attachment clips into something, It’d be nice to throw a bunch of attachments on at the same time, it feels quite limiting at the moment when the options are quite bland on their own.

You re right, the props right now are dumb or very basic and I can’t get different visual changes.