Armor Ability Pro

I have noticed that people complain that armor abilities are pointless and nooblike, but I beg to differ. It isnt the AA that is nooby, it is the people who use it in the noobiest ways. So here is my list on how each AA can be used, pro style!

Har Light Shield

  • Do use it to block bullet spray from a distance or guard a teammatewith a power weapon.

-Dont use it at close range where they can hit you straight through it.

Promethean Vision
-Do use it to see through a corner that you hear gunfire from.

-Dont use it just so you can go "Whooooooaaaahhhh like, I can see through like, waaaalllsssss.

Thruster Pack
-Do use it to avoid confrontation from an energy sworder or take cover from explosions.

Dont use it like evade to move quicker, its just too noisy now.


  • Do send it running down a hallway to distract enemies.

-Dont send one in the middle of a firefight and hope for them to fall for it.

These arenall the ones I know (put your own if you want and add more if you want) I didnt put jetpack, because, what hasnt already been said about it?