Armor Ability Pickups

I think armor ability pick ups in casual gametypes, and in specific circumstances in competitive gametypes, are honestly really fun and fair.

For example, on BTB net, I’ve seen games on Solace with AA’s everywhere that you must consciously pick up by walking over them(similar to a power weapon). This idea would be pretty cool since it’s closer to H3’s equipment which was typically known as popular from what I’ve read.

Otherwise, on Lotus and Station 9, Jetpacks are strategically, yet predictably placed, which makes it a good strategy, but far from unexpected, and therefore a lesser advantage with strong AA’s like jetpack.

I would love to see something like that. I could even live with AA’s like the Reach jet pack, and even the dreaded Armor Lock if they were map pick ups only.

In casual playlists it should be your choice with loadouts, but in competitive I think people would like it like that (also remove Active Camo and Jetpack but replace it with a jumppack)