armor ability combos

ideas are interactions hold x to interact or somthing
armorlock+sprint=lockdown armor when runs out you run

sprint+armorlock=run in armorlock emp smash in a straight path no shooting but invulnerable

armorlock+dropshield armorlock inside dropshield =turns dropshield into armorlock shield unmovable no one gets in or out armorlock shield stay same

armorlock+jetpack=jump up then do a armorlock ground pound

jetpack+armorlock=moonjump 400 ft up

armorlock+hologram=hologram with regular health

armorlock+invisibility= walk through objects immune to damage but cant deal it if it runs out while walking through objects you die

dropshield+sprint=dropshield moves with sprint guy but he loses ability to sprint

dropshield+invisibility=invisible dropshield big enough to cover a warthog but no protection

hologram+dropshield= dropshield disappears and moves to where hologram stops at reappearing

invisibility+hologram=both turn invisible and control a hologram

invisibility+sprint=regular movement speed but no invisibility drain
unless they shoot

when there is only one combo it effects both players

also team commands like im driving
i got the flag

I think they should make armorlock have unlimited energy. Liek when you press armor lock you can stay in it as long as you want and your shields recharge and health does too.

Also if anyone melees you while in AL they should just die instantly.

Also the emp range should be tripled. That way armor lock is finally balanced!!

As it is now hologram is just too OP and is really killing this game, AL is the perfect way to balance this game and make it like CE.

I think everyone should have to use armorlock atleast 6 times a game.Oh and if you dont use armor lock before you die you just die right on the spot.

For a ‘dumb dog trucker’ you sure have some quality ideas.

I agree with what the other responses are implying: definitely NOT a good idea.

JESUS CHRIST! No, i don’t wan’t any AA’s whatsoever!