Armor abilities that everyone loves!

Hologram and thruster pack. Who doesn’t love those two? Wouldn’t it be nice if every armor ability was as subtle as these 2 and yet very powerful when used in the right situation?

I dont love them just because they are less game breaking than PV or JP. Im sick of AAs to be honest.

I think AA are a nice touch. It needs more work and refinement but I like the idea and it makes sense within the universe and is unique.

Thrusters, Holograms, Hardlight Shields.

All of them my favorite AA’s.

I can tolerate thruster pack, other than that i hate AA’s just because it ruins competitive halo for me. I would have much rather they innovated from the map pick ups than add armor abilities.

Puts hand up


~ Duck.

> Thrusters, Holograms, Hardlight Shields.
> All of them my favorite AA’s.

Replace Thruster Pack with Jet Pack and Hardlight Shield with Regeneration Field and we’d have the same opinion. Hologram is pretty good all around. Whenever I fall for one I always think to myself, “Yeah I probably deserve that.”

Hologram is all-time favorite for me. It can be used defensively or offensively and as a scouting tool to learn about the enemy.

It doesn’t cause damage to the enemy, nor really protect you from receiving damage, so it’s very neutral in terms of impact on damage delivered. It’s not a free pass.

And it gets them every single time :slight_smile:

If AA’s return, they need to take a cue from Hologram: it’s not a free pass and it still requires you to earn a kill or defend yourself from an attacker.

I like hologram, thruster, and hardlight . . . but I could also have fun without them.

Sentry doesn’t really bother me, but I don’t really like it, either.

Jetpack, AC, and PV I would REALLY like to see eliminated, except for single player and maybe action sack and customs.

The words “Armor Abilities” and “Loves” are two words that don’t go together for me ever. I heavily dislike the entire idea of Armor Abilities. I hate the fact that we don’t start off on equal playing fields and that everyone can have a different ability active. Thruster pack is the best out of everything in my opinion but they are all a waste to have. I want to go back to map pick ups because it worked well and was fun.

I don’t hate them because they are fairly useless to me. I know some people know how to really use them, but I don’t bother with them.

Can we go back to H3 day with no armor abilities now…sees a jetpacker …I hate those things…

If I had to say there were armor abilities I liked, I couldn’t really form a list. The ones I use because they offer an advantage and I don’t despise them, there are maybe two, but I forget about them half the time because I don’t like them and always pick Legendary Slayer if I can when I play 4. I would prefer it if there weren’t AAs in Halo. To me, AAs in the game make it a different game with the Halo title slapped on it.

I do agree with you that the Hologram is a balanced AA, because it really doesn’t offer a huge advantage like the others do. No extra cover(HL Shield), no extra position(Jetpack), no unpredictable movement(Thruster), no place to hide(camo, which should be a pick up anyways), no extra firepower(auto sentry), no extra health(regen). All it does is possibly fool an opponent. They are fairly easy to identify, so in my mind it is the only thing that could even be considered when asked which ones could stay. But there is no point in only having 1 AA so just scrap them all.

Hologram and Stealth on while the enemy uses Promethean vision.
Troll mode activated.

But, if they are going to stay, which I’m pretty sure, the less OP abilities should be one use per spawn only. And what comes to the more OP ones, eliminate them.

Honestly, I like all the AAs, but a few are OP and a few need a buff. Especially autosentry. Nobody gives the poor autosentry any love.

The only one that I love is Thruster Pack. One of the few AA’s that feels balanced.

Unlike its terrible cousin the Jet-pack, a game-breaker.

I use whatever is the most beneficial to me. Play fine with and without them…and against. Sentry Turret I like most…helps me more than my teammates.

Hardlight Shield and Promethean Vision. I’d like to see a night vision or flashlight AA, though. Nifty, and possibly satisfying for those who don’t like AAs much.

Armor Lock!
Please don’t eat me!

I do love HLS, though. I kinda wish there was still a drop shield, though. Maybe drop the regen part and keep regen field separate? Would add new ways to work as a team!