Armor abilities only reason cant take reach srsly

I dont know, the firefight in the game doesnt feel as great as ODST, in odst me and my firends actually hid in places, and took the firefight seriously into surviving the round or wave or whatever. You guys know what me and my firends do in reach firefight, just jetpack around using anything i get my hands on. The covenant come down and we kick there butts just like always. I ws in a conversation with my firend while playing firefight, thats how much i can play firefight with out even focusing. Firefight is just a joke to me. ODST firefight was literally no joke. We drove hogs, saved other, we camped. When someone needed help every one ran to them.

The game was actually taken seriously. Armor abilities is what i dont like in any map. For example community slayer, or as i like to call it “Jet Pack Slayer”. Every one uses jetpacks and it ruins the feel of the game. Me and my friends tested this out in custom games playing on the same pack “Enclosed”, what happened was that we took out all armor abilities exept sprint, the game felt so much fun that i had never had in reach for a long time.

People make amazing maps and expect it to be played well, then it comes to community slayer were jet packs and armor abilities come in. Map making in the competetive category is all lost now.

Every ones different. Seroiously, i come from modernwarfare 2 and would like to play a game were every one is the same and everything is serious. Guess what, Reach comes in, and now i cant take it seriosuly anymore.

Reach is now just like every other single video game out there. It consists of people that are all different.


Been many moons of dreaming of using a Jetpack in Halo. Though it’s not my most used ability in MP, it is in FireFight. That or Evade.

Evade and Sprint are abilities inherent to any Spartan. Jetpacks are standard Spartan Exo-equipment. Active-Camo is an ability used by both UNSC and Covenant but only on Noble Team’s armour or on the Headhunter armour. Armour-Lock seems like a very real piece of equipment either side would use. Hologram is something we’ve been working on since the 60’s so to see it finally make into the battlefield around 2550, it’s great news.

So as far as pulling me out of Halo, the opposite is true for me, the AAs suck me in more. Spartans have an F35 fighter-jet compressed down to fit around their bodies. They should be able to more complex things than just run and gun or fire and forget. They should be able to… dogfight.

That and at least Sprint and Jetpacks are mechanics Bungie wanted to put in Halo2 and CE, respectively, but never did. So I’ve been waiting for them for a long time.

And if you have a problem with Halo taking its Ps and Qs from other sources… Boy are you in for a shock. :slight_smile:

How are armor abilities any harder to deal with than equipment in Halo 3? If anything, they are more realistic. Jetpacks aren’t new to Halo, armor lock isn’t new, the ability to run and dodge exists in the real world, holograms aren’t new, drop shield is just a combination of regenerator and bubble shield…It all makes sense.

> How are armor abilities any harder to deal with than equipment in Halo 3?

Because you had to actually FIGHT for equipment, and gain map control. If you didn’t spawn with armor abilities, but actually had to fight for them, then Reach multiplayer altogether will take a turn for the better. Halo-wise.

If I wanted loadouts, I’d play CoD.