Armor abilities in halo 4?

So I think it’s safe to say that the Halo Community didn’t love Armor Abilities from Reach, am I right?!

And I have seen many people say that they do not want it in Halo 4, and I agree to some extent but still would like to see some abilities in MP.

First off, I think that the MP in Halo 4 should have everyone start with the same load outs like all previous halo’s except Reach because like most people have said, Halo gameplay is more fun and fast paced when everyone starts on equal footing and has to run around the map looking for shields and cloaking etc. So I think that the Armor Lock and.or the invisibility cloak should be put in locations around the map for people to find similar to the bubble shield in halo 3.

However, i think that jetpacks and sprint should be automatically included in everyones armor because I think that these are abilities that the Chief should have at all times with a heavy emphasis on sprint.

I think this would provide the necessary balance that most people want while still including the benefits that Jetpacks or Sprint bring.

What do you think?
Should they take out AA as a whole or make a compromise?

I guess I’m just different from everyone else, but I actually loved armor abilities (except armor lock). I thought they added a ton to the game.

I’d like to see them return. Either as in Reach as a loadout or as one time equipment use in Halo 3.

Please no jetpacks.

The only thing from AA’s that MAYBE should return is sprint, nothing else. AA’s aren’t Halo. They need to stick to what the core gameplay was about. I honestly don’t what I’ll do if AA’s are in H4…

Sprint really isn’t very Halo either.

I personally thought they worked really well. sometimes a little unbalanced but they gave the game new possibilities, if every game was exactly like Halo:CE then there would be no point playing them.

if there HAS to be AA’s then im okay with sprint, but I hate jetpack and armor lock

No armor abilities please! (equipment 4 sure)

> Sprint really isn’t very Halo either.

I couldnt agree more! You are on my brothers friends list, Kryath :slight_smile:

> No armor abilities please! (equipment 4 sure)

This. Not even sprint.

Overshield pick up, camo pick up, bubble shield pick up, regen pick up, powerdrain pick up.

> Sprint really isn’t very Halo either.

I did say maybe

I really hate all of them to be honest. If they make a return I can’t say I’ll be doing much besides renting it from blockbuster for the campaign.

Before someone asks, my reasons are because they’re irritating. They make everything feel cheap and lame, especially Sprint and Jetpack. Sure, they’re fun… in a non-competitive environment, such as custom games. But it’s annoying as hell in matchmaking if you’re trying to kill someone, but because guns have too much bloom and don’t deal enough damage your enemies can just sprint around corners constantly, or if you’re trying to control an area for the power weapon spawns but the same guys keep jetpacking up to you and spamming grenades.

I could go on with the other armour abilities but I’m sure you’ve all heard it before. It was fun using that kind of stuff in Star Wars Battlefront, but this is Halo and I’d prefer that the two don’t mix.

/my 2 pennies

> I guess I’m just different from everyone else, but I actually loved armor abilities (except armor lock). I thought they added a ton to the game.

Same here. It makes the game more interest. Change is good in this case.

I had nothing against them, some were annoying ecspecially that lucky little turd who armor locks at every DMR shot.

Something else; something better.

Nothing at all. No Armor abilities no Bloom nothing from Reach except for the improved Forge.

plz no. If halo 4 either has bloom or AA’s I’m done with halo

One word: Pickups.