Armor Abilities : FOR or AGAINST ? (excluded sprint)


Don’t generally care. I’m open minded.

I’m against anything that destroys equal spawns.

I’m against armour abilities, i’m fine with small pick ups (like in H3) but I don’t like the idea of spawning with abilities.

Tolerated them in Reach, but wouldn’t have wanted them to be a permanent addition to Halo’s multiplayer.

I liked the idea of each player being an equal in terms of equipment available to them in Halo, but this concept seems to be thrown out the window from Reach onwards with more of a preference of an XP based unlock system.

I’m worried about the recent news and I’m not sure if 343i are going to deliver what I wanted. Judging from what 343i were saying when it started to take over the Halo series it sounded like the Halo series was going to go back to its roots (or even the equipment system in Halo 3 which I was totally cool with), but clearly not.


Except Armour Lock.


lol, Forerunner Vision.

> I’m against anything that destroys equal spawns.


Against,lol forerunner vision= detective mode on arkham asylum

It’s gonna be in there anyway.


and against sprint too



Against - Armor lock
For - Jetpack, Invisability that works, and hologram.
Don’t know - forerunner vision.

Against, always against.

To late dude, its already there.

Against all. Including sprint. Maybe not hologram because I get laughs out of seeing the bads go crazy after it trying to shoot and beat it down multiple times.



Shouldn’t this thread have a POLL?!