Armor Abilities ≠ Equipement

Equipement: Drop Wall, Threat Sensor

Armor Abilities: Grappleshot, Repulsor, Active camo, Overshield and Thrusters.

While it makes perfect sense to have multiple uses of Armor Abilities, equipement suffers from it. Equipement is now awkwardly balanced to accommodate multiple uses. As a result, it underpowers the Dropwall and overpowers the Threat Sensor. Instead of having five flimsy dropwalls, have a single one that’s actually strong. Balance it by slightly reducing outgoing damage shot trough it. (Better suggestions are welcome)

The Threat Sensor should also be single use but cover a larger area and last longer. In addition, it should also reveal the user if in detection range. That way it is more fair and prevents it from being spammed up to five times across the map. It also allows for engaging standoffs like two enemies in a Regen field/Bubbleshield moments in Halo 3.

The Armor Abilities are great. However, I think that the Grappleshot is too powerful in BTB. It eliminates the risk/reward for getting close to vehicles. There’s very little you can do to prevent an enemy to grapple your vehicle and destroy it. Though it wouldn’t know how to balance this.


I like this idea for the drop wall, right now throwing one down might provide a slight defense but it’s easily broken & the recharge time is detrimental in combat.

you make some good points

Honestly if I could have it another way, I want Repulsor to not be a player beneficial Equipment.

I think it will be more interesting and more versatile for play-making if the Repulsor was a device you tossed out and it pushed all targets away from point of impact. Allies, Enemies, Vehicles, Weapons, anything.

The charm of Halo 3 equipment was not how powerful the equipment was, but how effective you utilize it. I want more of that in Infinite.