Armor abilities confirmed (Pics)

Pause this at 3:44 and tell me what is above Chief’s back end.

This is an armor ability,r:11,s:56

Yay, I’m excited.

IDK to me it looks like part of his armor

Don’t know, could just be sprint

Probably part of his armour…

And that is our first time seing his Rear since the Reveal trailer.

i saw no AA on Chief’s back. HOWEVER, look at the time 01:58-2:00 and look at the top left: it looks like a Jetpack symbol with Energy Bar under it. mesa worried…

They better not be back. Armor abilities are trash.

343 better learn from Reach being a failure.

Oh God anything but Jetpack and Armor lock.

Please be just a pickup.

That’s not confirming anything. It’s just an article on the pros and cons of Armor Abilities. Misleading title is misleading for more views as that’s a picture of Reach’s AA modules, not Halo 4s.

Sprint however, is in Halo 4 and it’s a regular ability now. After watching the video, there is no gauge to indicate it’s an AA.

If derp packs HAVE to return, then i am for things like that being pick ups. It’ stupid that we spawn with advantages we didn’t fight for.

That picture is from an article on Halo Reach AAs

Hopefully its just a part of his armor, Nothing from reach should be added to h4

Well we’ve seen sprinting in the gameplay, so maybe the UNSC just decided to incorporate Sprint into Mark VII, and for canonical reasons, other AA could not be recovered.

My friend came up with this idea btw.

Um, misleading title.

Not confirmed at all. That could be anything. I think you should take “confirmed” out of the title.

Oh god please no armor abilities. Sprint and maybe a jump pack might be fine but anything else and I’m not buying Halo 4

It’s part of his armor. Look on the action figure. :wink:

I’m fine with AA’s just so long as they don’t compromise a players base traits to even it out. Ex: Making Spartans slower in Reach so that Sprint is more appealing or making Spartans jump lower so the jet pack is appealing and so on and so forth. if they keep at least H3 level of traits and keep Armor Lock out I’d be fine.

i am currently uploading a video, that until concrete evidence either way, shall suffice as proof to the existence, or more accurately non-existence of armour abilities in halo 4.
as we do not however see anyone spawn from their perspective in the first look video we cannot say for certain whether or not there are load outs, although without armour abilities, they seem redundant.

wait till the video is uploaded i’ll edit with the link.

as promised

my video

to clarify, for doubters, yes there will be doubters, 03.10 to 03.15 in the video here

> Don’t know, could just be sprint