Armor abilities as pick-ups. Why this MUST happen.

Disclaimer: I’ve played a lot of Reach. I know the game very well after over 3500 matches played and I love the game. I only want to make it better by fixing its flaws.
343, now that you are being given control of Reach’s playlists, let me tell you that Armor Abilities have been horribly implemented into Reach’s sandbox.
We can all agree that armor abilities were horribly implemented into Reach. Loadouts ruined Halo and its one of the main reasons why people view Reach with such hostility compared to the previous games. Over the last 9 months, the game has actually become much better as more abilities have been taken out of playlists and gametypes. That’s really saying something. Armor Abilities should be treated like weapons as pickups. You spawn with one (Sprint/DMR) and you pick up others around the map that play different roles. I have talked with a top 15% Onyx player who says he uses the jetpack because its so overpowered and it breaks every map in the game as a starting ability.
You don’t respawn with rockets every time you die, that would be overpowered. The same should go with Evade or jetpack. Not everyone has rockets or sniper because they play special roles. That’s how AA’s should work. Jetpack, evade, hologram are great for pick-ups. Active camo, drop shield, and armor lock do not belong in matchmaking. They are unbalanced and game-breaking when even only one person has the ability. Sprint should always be the starting ability.
Armor Abilities need to be placed on the map like how power weapons are. That way they don’t get spammed and the game will become more balanced.

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