armor abilities are dominating the game - 3

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I don’t have a problem with the use of abilities in halo, even armor lock in general. I do however think that it has introduced a problem and created a large rift in the H community. Overshields was highly popular in the older games, yet it had a similar function to armor lock. Now I’m not asking for armor lock back either, in fact i rarely used it. i just wanted to note to 343 that i do think that abilities have in some way changed the game, away from the classic halo formula. Due to its almost obsessive use in game. So if we are not going to have equipment. The recharge timers need to be very long, and carry over between lives so that we only get use of them 4-5 times in a game not 25. i think this would help to limit there use, and give you an ability to tune the system to provide us with the best game possible.