It began to be great then I slowly realized how bad it is. It’s not Halo 4 (crappy no skill game) but what’s up with a pistol that’s just as good as a br, dmr, carbine, etc? And it beats the AR even within a few FEET. On top of that the radar is 18 meters, which doesn’t equal out for the faster movement, it should be larger than the regular range. People are on top of you as soon as they come up.
The maps on arena are a joke lol. 2 of them have basically a very identical twin so take 2 maps off of the list. Halo 5 did go in the right direction but 343 got lazy with many things (service record, pregame abilities of viewing others?!?!?). But at the same time it’s going away from what made the game great and bringing in cod abilites, and titan fall abilities. Sprint is pretty annoying but apparently every game must incorporate a sprint ability to make them good ( h2 and h3 had the biggest numbers in mlg over any game). So yeah h5 is pretty dumb and has to be a let down. And thanks for a campaign that was pretty random, boring, and very repetitive. Better than h4 but has room to improve for sure.

And don’t respond saying get over it because I simply won’t play the game anymore until then next one comes out or an update. Then I’ll see if it feels like a newer h2 or h3, and if not then I’m done playing that too :v: